Big Brother Titans 2023 Week 3 Voting Poll

Big Brother Titans 2023 Week 3 Voting Poll (Season 1)

Before Big Brother Titans week 3 Monday live nomination show, the housemates as usual participated in the week’s head of house challenge to determine which housemates pair will gain immunity for the week.

The pair of Kagana Jnr & Blue Aiva (Kaniva) emerged as Big Brother Titans week 3 head of house and as such gained immunity from possible eviction this week and also the power to save and replace a nominated pair.

Big Brother Titans Ziyakhala Wahala – Season 1 which started with 20 housemates with the addition of four new housemates witnessed its first eviction last week with the pair of Sandra & Theo Traw (Santheo) becoming the first housemates to be evicted from Big Brother Titans Season 1.

This week will be no different and according to big brother, one or more housemates will be evicted this Sunday, so vote to keep your favourite housemates in the house.

Big Brother Titans 2023 Week 2 Nomination List

PairsNomination 1Nomination 2
Nana & Thabang (Thabana)Khosi & Miracle OP (Khosicle)Jaypee & Lukay (Jaykay)
Nelisa & Yemi Cregx (Yelisa)Jaypee & Lukay (Jaykay)Blaqboi & Ipeleng (Blaqleng)
Juicy Jay & Olivia (Juiovla)Blaqboi & Ipeleng (Blaqleng)Nana & Thabang (Thabana)
Jaypee & Lukay (Jaykay)Jenni O & Mmeli (Jenne Li)Nana & Thabang (Thabana)
Justin & Yvonne (Juvone)Khosi & Miracle OP (Khosicle)Blaqboi & Ipeleng (Blaqleng)
Ebubu & Tsatsii (Royals)Khosi & Miracle OP (Khosicle)Blaqboi & Ipeleng (Blaqleng)
Blue Aiva & Kanaga Jnr (Kaniva)Khosi & Miracle OP (Khosicle)Jaypee & Lukay (Jaykay)
Marvin & Yaya (Maya)Nana & Thabang (Thabana)Blaqboi & Ipeleng (Blaqleng)
Jenni O & Mmeli (Jenne Li)Nelisa & Yemi Cregx (Yelisa)Khosi & Miracle OP (Khosicle)
Blaqboi & Ipeleng (Blaqleng)Khosi & Miracle OP (Khosicle)Justin & Yvonne (Juvone)

BBTitans Season 1 Housemates up for Eviction this Week

The Veto power vote was called into place and the Veto power holder, which is the current head of house (Kagana Jnr & Blue Aiva (Kaniva)) saved the pair of Nelisa & Yemi Cregx (Yelisa) and replaced them with Marvin & Yaya (Maya).

The final five Big Brother Titans Housemates pairs up for possible eviction in week 3 of Big Brother Titans Season 1 are:

  1. Blaqboi & Ipeleng (Blaqleng)
  2. Khosi & Miracle OP (Khosicle)
  3. Nana & Thabang (Thabana)
  4. Marvin & Yaya (Maya)
  5. Jaypee & Lukay (Jaykay)

Big Brother Titans 2023 Week 3 Voting Poll Results

You’ll see the result of the voting poll once you’ve voted below. Don’t forget to also share and encourage others to vote for your favourite housemates So who are you going to be voting for in BBTitans week 3 voting poll, Vote below and invite your friends.

How to Vote Multiple Times

REFRESH PAGE TO VOTE MORE: You can vote as many times as you want; all you just have to do is refresh this page or close and reopen it.

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Big Brother Titans 2023 Week 2 Voting Poll

Big Brother Titans Week 3 Head of House: Kanaga Jnr And Blue Aiva