Big Brother Titans Week 3 Head of House: Kanaga Jnr And Blue Aiva

Big Brother Titan Week 3 Head Of The House: Do you want to know which BBtitan Housemate won the Head of the House this week (Week 3)?, Read this post to the end. Kanaga Jnr and Blue Aiva, who are paired as KanIva, have been crowned this week’s BBTitans Head of House.

What is the Meaning Of Head Of The House?

Big Brother Titan is a reality TV show that is broadcast in Africa. The head of the house in the show is typically the housemate who has been chosen by their fellow housemates to lead them for a specific period of time or the person who has won a specific task or challenge that confers the position of the head of the house. The role of the head of the house is to make certain decisions, enforce rules, and serve as a representative for the other housemates. The head of the house changes frequently throughout the show.

Big Brother Titans Week 3 Head of House | Who is Week 3 Big Brother Titan Head Of The House?

On Monday evening, Day 15 of Big Brother Titans, the third Head of House challenge was held at the Biggie’s arena. According to Biggie, the Head of House challenge for week three is divided into two rounds, themed ‘Egg Throw and Catch’.

One of the rules of the game states that any pair whose egg breaks or falls and breaks automatically leaves the game. The members of the BBTitans Housemates were instructed to throw eggs one after another to their pairs as they face each other with a bowl. Each pair must move backward according to the marked lines as they throw and catch their eggs.

As a result of breaking their eggs, JuVone, YeLisa, JuiOvla, and Royals pairs left in the first round. After the first round, JayKay (Jaypee and Lukay) and KanIva (Kanaga Jnr and Blue Aiva) qualified for the finals.

The KanIva pair outperformed the JayKay pair in the final round, thereby winning this week’s Head of House title.

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Upon winning the Head of House crown, Nigeria’s Kanaga Jnr and South Africa’s Blue Aiva receive immunity from eviction and exclusive access to the luxury bedroom.

In Biggie’s House during the week, the Heads of House will also have some responsibilities.



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