BBTitans Updates: Yemi Cregx Finally Reveals Why He Is Flirting With Many Girls In The House

The other day, Yemi Cregx and Juicy Jay had a conversation and Yemi finally revealed why he was playing on Khosi and the other girls. According to him, he wants to stay safe in the Big Brother Titan house, so he won’t get too close to Khosi but won’t go too far either.

His conversation with Khosi recently showed that he has no interest in any of the girls he is teasing around in the house. He was asking if she liked Miracle OP and she replied that he cares for her, then he said “I don’t?

He has been with almost all the South African female housemates, and yet he still demands loyalty from Khosi. When he left to meet Blue Aiva, he kissed her and said good night before going back to meet Khosi.

In the event he is up for eviction, he is hoping the fans of the female housemates will be there for him. He told Juicy Jay that he knew Khosi wanted him all to herself and that’s why she always wanted him around and he didn’t want that for himself since it would upset his game plan.


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Written by Martinez

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