Big Brother 24 Episode 1 Live Premiere Recap

Big Brother 24 Episode 1

Following the live 90-minute move-in premiere of Big Brother 24, viewers will watch 16 strangers move into the “Big Brother” house and face off in the first HOH competition of the season.

The premiere or the first episode of Big Brother 24 kicked off at 8 p.m. on CBS and Paramount Plus with the introduction of the 16 new Big Brother Cast who will battle it out for the next few months with the goal of winning $750,000 grand prize.

For the next 82 days, these new houseguests will the big brother game however they can but by Sept. 25th, only one winner will emerge and walk home with the $750,000 prize. In order not to miss out on your favorite episodes, check out the full Big Brother 24 schedule for the season’s dates and details.

The theme is BB Motel and the house will be inspired by a mid-century Palm Springs look. According to CBS, there will be a twist that will send houseguests “scrambling” and America will be able to vote to “impact the game” on premiere night.

The 16 Houseguests competing this summer are:

  1. Paloma Aguilar, 22
  2. Matt “Turner” Turner, 23
  3. Joe “Pooch” Pucciarelli, 24
  4. Joseph Abdin, 24
  5. Alyssa Snider, 24
  6. Taylor Hale, 27
  7. Monte Taylor, 27
  8. Michael Bruner, 28
  9. Jasmine Davis, 29
  10. Kyle Capener, 29
  11. Ameerah Jones, 31
  12. Indy Santos, 31
  13. Brittany Hoopes, 32
  14. Daniel Durston, 35
  15. Nicole Layog, 41
  16. Terrance Higgins, 47

Houseguests Move-in

Group 1:  Jasmine Davis, Kyle Capener, Paloma Aguilar, & Monte Taylor

The first four houseguests enter the house and Julie instructs the houseguests to scan their tickets to see which station they have access to.

Paloma scans her ticket to see which station she is granted access to porta-potty station. Jasmine scans her ticket and is also granted access to the porta-potty station.

Next, Monte scans his ticket and is also sent to the porta-potty station. Kyle is the last one to scan his ticket and he is also sent to the porta-potty station.

Group 2: Alyssa Snider, Daniel Durston, Michael Bruner, Taylor Hale

The second batch of houseguests enters the house and heads to the backyard to scan their tickets. Michael is first and he scans his ticket and is sent to the merch stand.

Alyssa is next and she is also sent to the merch stand. Taylor scans her ticket and is sent to the piercing tent while the last person to scan is Daniel who is sent to the merch stand.

Group 3: Nicole Layog, Matt Turner, Joseph Abdin, Brittany Hoopes

They enter the “BB Motel.” Time for them to scan their “BB Fest” tickets. First up to scan is Nicole. She scans her ticket and is sent to the porta-potty station. Next is Brittany. She is sent to the piercing tent. Turner is sent to the piercing tent. Joseph is the last one to go from this group. He is also sent to the piercing tent.

Group 4: Joe “Pooch” Pucciarelli, Ameerah Jones, Terrance Higgins, Indy Santos

Ameerah, Terrance, Pooch, and Indy move into the “Big Brother” house. The final four houseguests head to the backyard to scan their tickets.

First up to scan is Terrance and he is sent to the piercing tent. Next up is Indy and she heads to the merch stand. Pooch is next. He scans his ticket and he receives the backstage boss pass…interesting. We’ll have to wait and see what that means. Pooch heads inside and takes a seat in the big gold chair. The last person up to scan is Ameerah and she is sent to the merch stand.

BB Fest Competitions:

Julie tells the houseguests that each station will compete in an individual challenge. The winner of each mini-competition will advance to the main stage. At the main stage, the three winners will compete for HOH. She also reveals that Pooch will not be competing in any of tonight’s competitions.

Three comps. Three winners, who will move on to the next round?

Comp 1 – Porta Potty:

  • Round 1: Paloma eliminated
  • Round 2: Jasmine eliminated
  • Round 3: Nicole eliminated
  • Round 4: Kyle eliminated
  • Winner: Monte wins

Comp 2 – Piercing Tent:

  • Turner is the first to clip on a set of 10 jewelry pieces and wins.

Comp 3 – Merch Stand:

  • Hanging Tough is this third comp. The Houseguests have to hang on to a t-shirt raised off the ground. Last hanging on wins.
  • Let’s see how this plays out. Alyssa is the first to fall. Ameerah falls next. Indy falls after Ameerah. Daniel and Michael remain. Michael falls next. Daniel wins and advances to the Main Stage.

Big Brother 24 HOH Competition

The first three comps’ winners are about to face off to be the first HOH. Monte, Turner, and Daniel will battle it out for the HOH.

The three competitors will have to complete a drum kit puzzle. The first houseguest to successfully finish their puzzle wins. The competition is close. It’s anyone’s game.

Daniel pulls out the win! He is the first Head of Household of the summer.

Backstage Boss: Julie tells Pooch he will be “backstage” all week long, meaning he won’t be competing in any comps and he cannot vote come eviction night, but he is safe for the week.

But there’s one more thing, Julie reveals the Backstage Boss pass comes with a unique power. Pooch can pick three houseguests to send backstage. The houseguests Pooch chooses cannot compete or vote on eviction night, but they can be sent home.

Pooch says he picks Paloma and Alyssa because they were the first out in their respective comps. Then since the second comp with jewelry didn’t have a “first out” he just picked Brittany because she “stood out.”

What do you think?

Written by Martinez

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