Big Brother 24 Houseguest – Marvin Achi Replaced Just Before the Premiere

With just less than 24 hours before the premiere of Big Brother 24, CBS announced that a replacement had been made in the cast; the same day the network revealed the names of the new set of sixteen houseguests who will be competing for the $750,000 prize this summer.

Marvin Achi from Big Brother 24 has been replaced with Joseph Abdin and while it’s unclear why Marvin had to be replaced at the last minute, there’s no doubt that fans will definitely want answers.

It is unclear at the moment the reason behind the replacement but maybe in the future, however, it seems Achi might have been cut from the series due to his involvement in another hit summer reality series.

While CBS has not confirmed the cause for his departure, it’s likely connected to his role on America’s Got Talent as series as Big Brother and America’s Got Talent typically have talent hold agreements that restrict them from appearing on competing shows during their time on a current season.

Marvin Achi

Age: 28
Hometown: Rivers State, Nigeria
Current City: Houston, Texas
Occupation: Chemical processing engineer

Marvin Achi was one of the houseguests who were going to compete in Big Brother 24. Unfortunately, he is no longer affiliated with the season.

Marvin is 28 years old and originally from Rivers State, Nigeria, but he is currently living in Houston, Texas. He is a chemical processing engineer and no stranger to reality competition shows previously auditioned for America’s Got Talent Season 17 in 2022.

Big Brother 24 was very excited to announce Joseph as the replacement for Marvin.

Joseph Abdin

Age: 24
Hometown: Lake Worth, Fla.
Current City: Lake Worth, Fla.
Occupation: Lawyer

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