Trikytee wins Big Brother Naija Week 7 Arena Game (Video)

BBNaija Week 7 Arena Game

Before the game began, Kiddwaya was rewarded with 20 BBNaira for winning last week’s arena game challenge. All housemates participated in the challenge except for Vee who wasn’t feeling too well.

Big Brother Naija Arena Game Week 7 – Trikytee emerged as the winner of the Big Brother Naija week 7 arena game challenge. He takes over from Kiddwaya, the winner of last week’s Arena game.

BBNaija Arena Challenge Week 7

The Challenge

The Arena Games was all about balloons divided into five obstacle courses.

The first course was to pick up an empty balloon, blow it up and use the air to move the four plastic cups carefully placed on the table from their current position to the bulls-eye position on the opposite end of the table without knocking any off.

For the next stage, the Housemates had to pop balloons with a dart before proceeding to blow up a balloon in a cup to make a stack of cups.

The fourth stage had them crawling through a tunnel with a balloon before finally hopping with two additional balloons to the finish line.

They had three minutes to complete the course and any infringement attracted a 10 seconds penalty.

Trikytee was crowned this week’s arena game-winner after completing the task with the fastest time of 1 minute 45 seconds. As a reward, Trikytee got 20 BB Naira courtesy of Betway

BBNaija Lockdown: Week 7 Arena Game

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