BBN Eviction: See the 3 Housemates Likely To Be Evicted Today

Day 49: BBN Eviction Today

BBN Eviction Today 6 September 2020 – After a thrilling Saturday night party with DJ Kaywise, the housemates are once again faced with the reality of Sunday eviction knowing fully well that at least 1 of the 6 housemates up for possible eviction this week will be going home.

The show which kicked off with 20 housemates has seen nine evictions already (Lilo, Ka3na, Eric, Tochi, Kaisha, Praise, Tolanibaj, Wathoni and Brighto) and one or more housemates will be joining them today.

Who is up for Eviction in BBN this Week

The 6 BBN Lockdown housemates up for possible eviction this week are Lucy, Nengi, Laycon, Kiddwaya, Trikytee and Vee.

Using results from voting polls and social media trends, here’s our analysis on who will be evicted from bbn today.

Eviction in bbn this week
BBNaija Voting poll –

Top 3 BBN Housemates – Week 7

From trending daily on social media to topping BBNaija Poll, these top 3 housemates are unlikely to be evicted this week

  • Laycon
  • Kiddwaya
  • Nengi

With Laycon leading the pack at over 9.3k votes followed by Kiddwaya at 7.8k votes and Nengi at 7.3k votes. You can be rest assured these 3 housemates are going nowhere come Sunday.

Laycon: Not to be biassed but you just might be looking at the winner of Big Brother Naija Season 5, when it comes to voting he’s way up there and always topping every voting poll. These are clear indications of a winner as I’ve seen in previous editions of BBNaija show.

Kiddwaya: To the amusement of his fans, Kiddwaya was in the bottom 6 last week and I doubt such a feat will repeat itself. Kiddwaya fans will be head over heels to vote massively for him this week after seeing their favourite housemate in the bottom four last week and trust Erica fans to come through for him after Erica campaigned for him and ask that her fans vote for Kiddwaya since she’s not up for eviction this week.

Nengi: This week will prove as a test for her fanbase considering the set of people she’s up against this week. How will she fair? No one cant say but i definitely see her on the top.

Bottom 3 BBN Housemates – Week 7

One or more housemates from the bottom 3 will most likely be evicted today. These housemates have much lesser fanbase when compared to the top 3 above.

  • Lucy
  • Trikytee
  • Vee

Lucy leading with a huge margin of 5.6k votes, followed by Trikytee at 2.8k votes and Vee at 2.3k votes it’s going to be a tough one but at the end of the day, it all depends on how many housemates will be evicted.

Lucy: How she’ve made it this fat in the show i really cant say but kudos to all her silent voters. Her fans don’t make noise on social media and week in , week out she always escapes eviction. Will she escape this week’s eviction?

Trikytee: Haven made it this far can only be attributed to grace. The Competition is getting tougher, will Trikytee be another fan favourite to leave the show just like Brighto?

Vee: Haven escaped eviction on several occasions will Vee be able to escape this one considering the competition she’s up against? Will her relationship with Neo which is considered the strongest bond by viewers be enough to keep her in the house?

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