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Meet Regina Sorenson Big Brother Australia 2022 Royalty Cast

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As Big Brother Australia Season 14 housemates have been revealed, let’s get to know more about Reggie; the 48-year-old Big Brother Australia 2003 winner who will be returning to the big brother house to compete for the $250,000 cash prize

Full NameRegina “Reggie” Sorenson
Occupationfish-and-chips shop manager

Regina “Reggie” Bird
Reggie Big Brother Australia 2022

Reggie is a down-to-earth mother of two, who stole the hearts of Australians when she won Big Brother Season 3. 

Working at a Tasmanian fish and chip shop, Reggie was adored around the nation for her salt-of-the-earth attitude and true-blue ocker slang. She was a straight shooter.

18 years on, Reggie is determined to give Big Brother another crack and hopefully win it for a second time. She knows that she enters with a target on her back, but she still feels that she can win over the housemates by being herself.

Since taking out the title in Season 3, Reggie has been dealt her fair share of ups and downs. 

Her son was born with cystic fibrosis and her own vision is drastically deteriorating with a condition called retinitis pigmentosa, meaning she currently only has nine degrees of central vision. She likens it to looking through two narrow drinking straws. Reggie knows these things have only made her stronger and more resilient.

Reggie is returning to Big Brother for her two children and to change her life, one more time!

Why did you want to return to the Big Brother house?

You only live once, and you are meant to live it to fullest and have fun.

What would you do differently this time around?

Nothing. I’ll just be me.

What do you feel is the advantage of being a returning housemate?

There’s more of a disadvantage because I’ll be a massive target.

Do you see any disadvantage to be a returning housemate?

From the minute I walk into the door I will have a target on my back because I’m one of the most popular housemates in the history of Big Brother.

What was your previous experience in the Big Brother house like?

I had the time of my life, it was awesome! I did not want to leave the house.

What do you think?

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