Meet Love Island USA Season 2 Cast

Love Island USA Season 2 Cast

Love Island USA is a reality dating show adapted from the UK series of the same name. The reality tv show features a group of contestants, who are referred to as “Islanders”, living together in a villa and are cut off from the outside world while under constant video surveillance.

To survive in the villa, the Islanders must be in a relationship with another Islander, form a strong couple and keep the viewer engaged enough to have a pair and take home the cash prize of $100,000 along with other prizes.

The second season of Love Island premiered on August 24, 2020, on CBS featuring 30 Islanders (15 females and 15 males). Each male was asked to pick a lady to pair with as a couple, then the last male Johnny who didn’t have a pair was told to steal one the following day, this was the very beginning of the season’s long drama.

Just in case you haven’t already, let’s get to meet the cast of Love Island Season 2 and know more about each of them.

Kaitlynn Anderson

kaitlynn anderson love island usa season 2

Age: 27

Hometown: Lapeer, Michigan

Occupation: Promotions

Kaitlynn is a 27-year-old Instagram model and promotion influencer for small brands. She is pretty and funny, she was among the 15 female islanders that kicked off season 2 of the show.

She was picked by Carrington on the first day as his couple and played a good game through their days together. She was dumped on the fifth day of the show as she wasn’t chosen as anybody’s pair and had to leave the show. She was a smart and fun character during her stay on the show but unfortunately the first to leave the show.

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James McCool

Love island usa season 2 cast - James McCool

Age: 27

Hometown: Winchester, Virginia

Occupation: Personal trainer

He is a personal trainer from Winchester, Virginia who considers himself a “goofy dork” and warns not to be fooled despite his built and inked-up body. He said he has always liked helping people achieve their goals and that’s why he became a personal trainer after serving in the military.

He said he believed in love but is yet to find one which he feels he might find on the TV show. ‘She has to be funny, giggly, likes to laugh, and doesn’t take life too seriously’ he started due to the fact that he loves to laugh and live in the moment. Unfortunately, he was dumped on the 9th day of the show.

Jeremiah White

jeremiah white (love island u.s.)

Age: 22

Hometown: De Kalb, Mississippi

Occupation: Retail Sales Associate

Jeremiah is a retail sales associate from small-town De Kalb where he grew up with his family. He has always described himself as a flirt who grew up on a farm and wants to show that special someone his hospitality from the south side.

‘I can talk to anyone, I can talk to a tree’ he claims to be very outgoing and free and a proper southerner. He was dumped on the 9th day of the show after pairing with Justine and Rachel previously but couldn’t find a pair the third time.

Rachel Lundell

rachel lundell love island season 2

Age: 21

Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Occupation: College Student

Rachel is a college student, she came to love island to look for a soul mate to spend the rest of her life together with and probably enough money and fame to finish up her education.

She never really said much about her previous dating life and kept a low profile while in the house hoping to reach the final stage but was dumped on day 12 of the show. She wasn’t around day 1 for a pair but partnered with Jeremiah and Caleb before leaving the show.

Lauren Coogan

Age: 29

Hometown: Oxford, United kingdom

Occupation: Family Assistant

Lauren is a family assistant from the UK, she was an islander on season 2 of Love Island USA and was contested for the grand prize shortly. She was introduced on the 10th day of the show then she paired with Tre as a couple for a few days before being dumped on the 14th day.

He thought that coming in a little late was to get an advantage but was even more surprised that she was dumped that early and even went in throwing shades at the finalists.

Tre Forte

Tre Forte - Love Island Season 2

Age: 25

Hometown: Boca Raton, Florida

Occupation: Personal Trainer

He is a Personal Trainer and was formerly an Ohio State football player. He is also an actor, a model, and a TV personality known mainly for being an Islander on season 2 of Love Island. He enters the show single hoping to find his perfect match, then goes on to win the show with her. He started the show on day 1 but was dumped on Day 14.

‘I’ve been single for about four years now because I was a monster. I’m a changed man now, people mostly label me as a monster and they are correct. I’m a changed man now I promised myself the next woman I’m with, I’m going to be all in.

Mercedes Schell

 Mercades Schell | Love Island Season 2

Age: 26

Hometown: Las Cruces, New Mexico

Occupation: Nanny

The young beautiful and talented nanny Mercedes joined the show as one of the ten new islanders brought into the show on Casa Amor to shake things up.

She entered the house on day 16 where she tried a couple of love interests to help the game aflame but couldn’t really hold any and was later dumped on day 22.

GiNiele Reitzell

GiNiele Reitzell Love Island 2

Age: 24

Hometown: Paramount, California

Occupation: Sales Manager

GiNiele was a sales manager before making an appearance on season 2 of love island USA where she was brought into the Casa Amor to tempt the men and scatter some relationships.

Although she didn’t share a bond with any person in particular during her stay on the show, she did have a moment with Calvin. She only spent a week in the house leaving on day 19.

Faith Tyrell

Faith Tyrell - Season 2 of Love Island USA

Age: 26

Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri

Occupation: Pageant Coach

Faith is a 26-year-old pageant model who grew up in Kansas City with her family. She was one of the 5 female Islanders brought to Casa Amor to shake things up in the show.

None of the boys felt a connection with her and refused to choose her, causing her to be dumped on the 16th day of the show.

Pat Albasha

Patrick "Pat" Albasha Love Island Season 2 cast

Age: 28

Hometown: San Dimas, California

Occupation: Attorney

Patrick “Pat” Albasha is a long-time attorney from San Dimas, California. He made a guest appearance on Love Island season 2 as part of the five new guys introduced to Casa Amor to help add some twist to the game.

Unfortunately, after several attempts to make a relationship with Kierstan, he was kicked off the show on day 19 as she did not agree and neither did any of the females on the show.

Mike Jenkerson

mike jenkerson love island usa

Age: 26

Hometown: San Jose, California

Occupation: Sales Representative

Mike was a sales representative before trying out acting them landing on the show Love Island USA. He is also an ex-baseball player who is looking forward to winning the hearts of women with his nice looks and charms.

He was brought in days after the show had kicked off to join Casa Amor, but was dumped on day 19.

De’Andre Heath

De'Andre Heath Love Island USA

Age: 25

Hometown: North Miami Beach, Florida

Occupation: Pro Baseball Player

He is a pro baseball player, he also spends his time modeling and influencing brands on Instagram.

After joining the OG housemates on Casa Amor, De’Andre was unable to charm any female well enough to make her break her relationship and had to leave the villa a week after entering.

Sher Suarez

Sher Suarez - Love Island USA

Age: 22

Hometown: Miami, Florida

Occupation: Hostess

Sheribel ‘Sher’ Suarez is a hostess and model. She appeared on Love Island Season 2 as an island expected to wreck some relationships through Casa Amor which she successfully did by starting Calvin from Moira and making it into the main villa.

At the main Villa, her relationship with Calvin didn’t last so she paired with Jalen which didn’t also last as she was dumped on day 26.

Mackenzie Dipman

Love Islander - Mackenzie Dipman

Age: 24

Hometown: Scottdale, Arizona

Occupation: Student

A 24 years old student from Arizona, she has won previous pageant contests and is a crown pageant queen. However, she had described her love life as a bad romcom.

After a successful run dating several islanders before she was dumped on day 26 of the show.

Jalen Noble

jalen noble love island season 2

Age: 26

Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee

Occupation: Account Executive

Jalen was an account executive, then became a TV personality after his appearance on Love Island season 2 Casa Amor where he was sent to shake the table. He used to play football before he got a degree in communication and psychology from Miami University.

Jalen successfully paired Mackenzie to pair with him to save himself from leaving the show, he then moved on to Sher and had a brief relationship with him before he was dumped from the show.

Aaron Owen

Aaron Owen Love Island

Age: 26

Hometown: Henderson, Nevada

Occupation: Cake Decorator

The handsome headband wearing new islander is known for his charms and hilarious jokes. Even fans believed he deserved more time on the show as they loved him and his relationship with Moira.

Unfortunately for him, after entering the show for Casa Amor and escaping the first stage he left the show, he left on day 26.

Connor Trott

 connor trott love island usa

Age: 23

Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Occupation: Auditor

Conor is an auditor for Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. He was part of the opening islanders of Love Island USA season 2. Like every other Islander, Conor joined the show I found love and a partner to share it with.

He dated Mackenzie while on the show but was dumped on day 28.

Kierstan Saulter

kierstan saulter love island

Age: 24

Hometown: Castroville, Texas

Occupation: Bartender

A 24-year-old bartender from Castroville, Texas. She tags herself as a strong sensitive female who still believes in love which she hopes to find.

She was paired with Carrington for most of her stay on the show but they eventually broke up and found new partners. She was unable to find a new partner hoping to get back with Carrington and was dumped from the show on day 33.

Bennie Bivens

bennie bivins love island

Age: 25

Hometown: Barnegat, New Jersey

Occupation: Sales and Personal Trainer

Bennie is a bodybuilding personal coach, trainer, and sales personnel. He is an influencer from New Jersey helping thousands of Americans reach their fitness goal.

He joined Love Island USA season 2 a few days into the show and tried to get the attention of a few female islanders to stay in the game but was dumped on day 28 of the show.

Julia Hall

Julia Hall Love Island

Age: 26

Hometown: Miami, Florida

Occupation: Realtor

Julia is a realtor, model, influencer and TV personality from the beautiful city of Miami Florida. She has always wanted to be on a show where she can find true love which explains why she appears on Love Island USA’s second season.

She joined the remaining Islanders on day 29 trying her best to break up some relationships to form hers but was eventually dumped on day 33.

Bennett Sipes

bennett sipes love island usa

Age: 26

Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland

Occupation: Executive Assistant

Benette is an executive assistant from Baltimore. Thanks to his nice physique, he is a natural model and a charm magnet to all the ladies.

Hw joined Love Island USA season 2 mid-show and had his usual charm on a few ladies in the villa but not for long. He was eventually dumped and left the show on day 37.

Lakeyn Call

Lakeyn Call Love Island USA

Age: 21

Hometown: Yorktown, Virginia

Occupation: Marketing Student

Lakeyn is a student of Marketing and Communication. She is a native of Florida but stays in Yorktown, Virginia. She describes herself as a music lover and a party lover ready to take into action the show.

She dated Bennett on the show but guess It wasn’t meant to be as she was eventually dumped not long after. She left the show on day 37.

Carrington Rodriguez

Carrington Rodriguez Love Island

Age: 23

Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah

Occupation: Sales Manager

A 23-year-old sales manager from Utah where he works and lives. He says he is a huge fan of romantic comedy and hopes to find a partner to show just how much love he can give.

He tries out a few islanders before settling down with Lauren. They were eventually a fourth-place couple for the second season of Love Island USA.

Lauren Goldman

Laurel Goldman Love Island USA

Age: 22

Hometown: Auburn. Alabama

Occupation: Makeup Artist

Lauren is a makeup artist and fashion influencer from Alabama. She grew up with her family in Auburn and claims that her parents’ love for each other has really influenced the type of relationship she desires. She hopes to recreate such with a worthy partner on the show.

She entered the villa through a successful Casa Amor participation and went on to finish fourth place on the show with Barrington after failed attempted relationships with other islanders.

Calvin Cobb

calvin cobb love island usa

Age: 25

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Occupation: Sales Manager

This handsome and smart young man is the ideal deals manager as he is about to charm and convince just about anyone he meets. He admired finding true love is not so easy but he is open to trying it out and that’s why he is on the show.

He did have a few bumps trying to find a perfect match while on the show but eventually did find Moira and they had their thing going on for a while. They came in third position for the second season of Love Island USA and we hope they continue as a couple after the game.

Moira Tumas

moira tumas love island

Age: 28

Hometown: Brielle, New Jersey

Occupation: Shopping Channel Model

She describes herself as a free spirit who grew up knowing love and always looking for the best person to share it with. She recently just got out of an 8-year long relationship because her man wasn’t ready for marriage. This means she came to the shoe to find the one who is ready.

‘I am carefree and love to dance. Looking for a person where we can tolerate each other for the next 80 years.

Johnny Middlebrooks

Johnny Middlebrooks - Love island USA

Age: 22

Hometown: Chesapeake, California

Occupation: Student

Johnny is a biracial college student, he is also a member of the athletic team of his school. He has mentioned trying out modeling and becoming an influence through his youtube channel.

When asked if he’s ever been in love he answered, ‘ not really, I mean we’ve all said I love you to like 4 girls before but don’t even talk to some anymore’. He however finished runner up of the show with his partner Cely.

Cely Vazquez

Cely Vazquez Love Island

Age: 24

Hometown: Sacramento, California

Occupation: Legal Secretary

Cely is a Legal Secretary, she was also the captain of her high school cheerleading team which is where her passion for dance and entertainment began. She mentioned that she is single and ready to get into a strong romantic relationship in the villa.

She ended up runner-up with Johnny as her partner. They were a fun-to-watch couple who kept it true throughout the show.

Caleb Corprew

Caleb Corprew Love Island USA

Age: 24

Hometown: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Occupation: Sales Consultant

A 24 years old sales consultant from Oklahoma city. He grew up with his family and loves a good sport. He claims to be a nice guy who wants genius love in the house.

He entered the house on day 5 of the show and dabbled a bit trying to wreck a bit of havoc while also trying to find a match for the show. After dating Rachel the first few days of the show, he paired with Justine and formed a power couple that went on to win the show and becomes the first black couple to do so, they took home the grand prize of $100,000 and went home a new couple. They later announced their split four months after the show

Justine Ndiba

Justine Ndiba Love Island USA

Age: 27

Hometown: Rockaway, New Jersey

Occupation: Billin, Go-Go Dancer

Justine is a billing coordinator and go-go dancer. She lives in Rockaway, New Jersey. She is of consoles root and has always embraced her history.

She entered the Love Island USA villa on the first day with high hopes to find love and strong expectation to take home the grand prize which she did with her partner Caleb becoming the first black couple to win the show in this franchise’s history.

These are all 30 Love Island USA Season 2 cast and how they performed on the show bringing their best to the show with the hope of finding a perfect soulmate and taking home the $100,000 cash prize. They did put on a good show and fans cant wait to see how season 3 will turn out.

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