Meet Love Island USA Season 1 Cast

Love Island USA Season 1 Cast

Love Island USA is the American version of the British reality show with the same title which began airing for season one in July 2019 and ended in August of the same year, it was renewed for the second season even before season one ended.

The reality tv show features a group of single men and women living together in a beautiful location for a few weeks. Soon, they face various challenges as they try to find love, stay coupled up till the end of the show and win the grand prize.

The sizzling summer series is filled with secret romances, love triangles and all kinds of intrigue all on an island. Let’s take a look at the cast of Love Island USA Season 1.

Weston Richey

Love Island USA Season 1 - Weston Richey

Age: 25

City: Dallas

Occupation: photographer

He worked in construction and built his own house before changing his career to become a photographer. He says he is looking for someone beautiful on the inside and outside through the love island platform.

Emily Salch

Love Island USA Season 1 - Emily Salch

Age: 21

City: New York

Occupation: Student/Part-time bartender

She is a student and bartends to support herself. She plans to go to law school after graduation.

Cashell Barnett

Love Island USA Season 1 - Cashel Barnett

Age: 27

City: Sacramento

Occupation: model/musician

He is an English graduate and loves surfing. He is a romantic at heart and is looking for a girl to win his heart.

Elizabeth Weber

Love Island USA Season 1 - Elizabeth Weber

Age: 24

City: New York

Occupation: Advertising Executive

She is from Michigan but loves travelling, beach volley and mystery fiction. She is tired of dating apps and wants real love.

Yamen Sanders

Love Island USA Season 1 - Yamen Sanders

Age: 25

City: Los Angeles

Occupation: Real Estate Agent

Loves to live life to the fullest. Mostly described by his friends as the life of the party. He is ready to settle down with a special lady.

Kyra Green

Love Island USA Season 1 - Kyra Green

Age: 22

City: Los Angeles

Occupation: Musician

Grew up dancing and singing in New York. Her band name is 212 Green and she is here to meet that special man for her.

Zac Mirabelli

Love Island USA Season 1 - Zac Mirabelli

Age: 22

City: Chicago

Occupation: Grocery store cashier

He is a former football player but is here for a relationship because he doesn’t believe in playing around. He prefers goofy and funny girls.

Mallory Santic

Love Island USA Season 1 - Mallory Santic

Age: 25

City: Vancouver

Occupation: Nike Analyst

She enjoys socializing and being independent, wild and spontaneous. She struggles with relationship and is here to find a perfect match.

Caroline “Caro” Viehweg

Love Island USA Season 1 - Caroline Viehweg

Age: 21

City: Los Angeles

Occupation: Marketing Student

She loves travelling and adventure. She speaks English, German and Portuguese fluently. Her goal is to settle down one day and have her own family.

Michael Yi

Michael Yi - Love island usa season 1 cast

Age: 29

City: Miami

Occupation: Model

Modelling keeps him on the road more often than not so he has difficulty in meeting the right person hence why he is here in the show. Can’t really describe his ideal mate but would know her when he sees her.

Dylan Curry

Dylan Curry- Love island usa season 1 cast

Age: 25

City: San Diego

Occupation: Personal Trainer

He was an athlete in school but went into Finance after graduation. He is funny and always makes everyone around him crack up.

Alana Morrison

alana morrison - love island usa season 1

Age: 21

City: New Haven CT

Occupation: Student

She is very optimistic, funny and was prom queen while in High School but has never been in a serious relationship before, she is on the show to open up her heart to love that special someone.

Cormac Murphy

Love island USA season 1 cast - Cormac Murphy

Age: 26

City: New York

Occupation: Night Club Promoter

He was born in Ireland and had three older brothers. His last long term relationship was back in High school, so he is here for a radical change because he is tired of hook-ups.

Alexandra Stewart

Alexandra Stewart - Love Island USA

Age: 25

City: Los Angeles

Occupation: Publicist

She was a tomboy while growing up so connects easily with men but has had terrible relationships and is ready for that special person for her.

Eric Hall

Eric Hall - Love Island USA Season 1

Age: 27

City: Toronto

Occupation: Tattoo Shop Manager

He manages a celebrity tattoo shop, is not afraid to go after what he wants. He had the right moves but wants to make them on the right person. He loves weddings.

Aissato Diallo

Aissata Diallo - Love Island Cast

Age: 25

City: Bronx

Occupation: Model

She was born in Guinea, a social butterfly and fun loving person who genuinely lights up every room she steps in but has decided to be celibate till she finds the right person.

Anton Morrow

Love Island USA Season 1 cast - Anton Morrow

Age: 23

City: Los Angeles

Occupation: Personal Trainer

He is a very focused person because he had to grow up early in a single parent home. He is tired of playing the field and is ready to love the right person.

Kelsey Jurewicz

kelsey jurewicz love island

Age: 25

City: Newark

Occupation: Mortgage Marketer

She was in an on-and-off relationship with a guy for four year although she had her heart broken when it ended but she is still open to love and wants to start a lasting relationship.

Raymond Gantt

Raymond Gantt - Love Island USA Season 1

Age: 22

City: Lakewood

Occupation: Student and Promoter

He is optimistic and adventurous, he loves cliff-diving. He is out for love and is looking for an all in one package woman who would be his best friend and lover.

Katrina Dimaranan

Katrina Dimaranan - Cast of Love Island USA Season 1

Age: 25

City: San Francisco

Occupation: Student and beauty queen

She is from the Philippines but travels often because of pageantry and had little time for dating. She is an adrenaline junkie and is ready to feel the heady rush of love.

Winston Hines

Winston Hines - Love Island USA 1

Age: 29

City: Lexington

Occupation: Sales Representative for Pharmaceuticals

He was a high school football star back in a small town in Kentucky, he has an old soul with great sense of humour. He writes note to his dog and is an avid fan of Big Brother.

Marlisse “Marli” Tyndall

Love Island USA - Marlisse "Marli" Tyndall

Age: 21

City: Miami

Occupation: Student and Bartender

She was born in Puerto Rico bride moving to the US at 9, she speaks English and Spanish fluently and would love to date a guy who is driven so they can make a “power couple”.

George Johnson

george johnson love island usa

Age: 29

City: Beverly Hills

Occupation: Interior Designer

Grew up in a small town, player football bit decided to switch to modelling. Hasn’t been in a real relationship for a while but is ready for that to change.

Jered Youngblood

Jered Youngblood Love island Usa Season 1

Age: 27

City: Lakeland

Occupation: Real Estate Agent

Jered was raised in the small, conservative town of Lakeland, Florida. After a couple of years of college, he moved to Maui to live in the middle of the rainforest and went off the grid for two and a half years. He came back home to Florida and has been working in real estate ever since.

Christen McAllister

christen mcallister love island

Age: 24

City: Los Angeles

Occupation: Sales and business development

Christen works in sales and business development for an embroidery and apparel company. Christen is a self-proclaimed big-hearted “weirdo,” but knows girls are very intimidated by her and doesn’t have a problem playing on their fears. 

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