Meet Big Brother Australia 2021 Housemate

Meet The 21 Big Brother Australia 2021 Housemate

Big Brother Australia 2021 housemate has been revealed!.

Big Brother Australia 2021 is finally here and the housemates for this season have been being revealed. Big Brother Australia is back for another season, with the hit show to return to Channel 7 on Monday, April 26.

After a successful edition last year despite the pandemic, Big brother Australia will make a return this year and this time it promises to be more exciting, fun-filled and intriguing.

In the first teaser for the show’s return, Big Brother promises more games and challenges plus, brand new rooms in the Big Brother house. Without further ado, let’s meet the housemate

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Sarah Jane

Meet Sarah Jane - Big Brother Australia 2021 Housemate
Sarah Jane – Big Brother Australia 2021 Housemate

As fans get ready for the premiere of the show’s 13th season on Channel 7, the network has confirmed its first contestant for 2021 – someone who is also history-making.

In an official statement, Seven confirmed Big Brother will welcome his oldest housemate this year – a 65-year-old Jewellery dealer from Sydney.

Sarah Jane, a 65-year-old antique jewellery dealer from Sydney. The fierce fashionista believes her winning edge will be playing Big Brother’s game with humanity, kindness, understanding and an open heart.

“I might be the oldest but I have an opportunity to prove to people that you can all put yourself outside of a comfort zone and fly,” she said in her official bio.

“It’s going to be mad, it’s going to be fun, it’s going to be terrifying. Bring it on!”

Taking to Instagram shortly after the announcement, Sarah Jane wrote: “So honoured to be the first cab off the rank in the new season of BigBrother Australia 2021!

“Hope you’ll enjoy watching our antics in this incredible game, where we are pushed to our limits xxx Sj,” she added.

Daniel Hayes

Meet Daniel - Big Brother Australia 2021 Housemate
Daniel – Big Brother Australia 2021 Housemate

Meet Daniel, a 48-year-old real estate agent from Geelong who proudly lives life on the edge.

This loose cannon talks a big game and is putting everything on the line to win. “I’m going to be the greatest player of Big Brother in the world,” he says.

“The bar’s going to be raised this year. I don’t quit. I walk my talk. I will win Big Brother.”

Melissa McGorman

Meet Melissa - Big Brother Australia 2021 Housemate
Melissa – Big Brother Australia 2021 Housemate

Meet Melissa, a 33-year-old sheep farmer from rural South Australia. This 33-year-old outback mum’s putting it all on the line to save her family farm.

After battling everything from drought to bushfire, this outback mum is only just hanging on to her family farm.

Leaving her three young children at home for the first time, she’s entering Big Brother’s house with her eyes firmly on the prize.

“Winning Big Brother will save our family farm and my kids will be ok,” she says. “That’s all I want for them, to secure their future. Nothing will break me.”

Brenton Balicki

Meet Brenton - Big Brother Australia 2021 Housemate
Brenton – Big Brother Australia 2021 Housemate

Meet Brenton, a 31-year-old account manager from Sydney. This 31-year-old account manager from Sydney describes himself as a go-getter, who doesn’t do anything half-heartedly. 

This “very single” guy describes himself as a passionate person, and he’s playing Big Brother’s game to win. “I don’t go into anything to lose,” he says.

“I’m going to use every skill I’ve got, whether it’s charming them with cooking or charming them physically. There’s not a single challenge that’s going to break me.”

Lillian Ahenkan – Flex Mami

Flex Mami - Big Brother Australia 2021 Housemate
Flex Mami – Big Brother Australia 2021 Housemate

After being photographed entering the house late last year it’s no surprise to see the Ghanian-Australian Sydney-based DJ, author, TV presenter and podcast host Flex Mami appear in the first teaser for the show.

The multi-talented social media star, whose real name is Lillian Ahenkan, can be seen strutting down the street.

“Big Brother intrigues me,” she says in the clip, “my life is one big social game.”

Mitchell Spencer

Mitchell Big Brother Australia 2021
Mitchell BBAU 2021

2D animator Mitchell Spencer is a unique fella from Cairns whose favourite pastime is bird watching. Nothing makes him happier than waiting patiently for a glimpse of a rare and colourful bird.

His other passions are foraging and platypus (he even has them tattooed on his body) and if he were to take out Big Brother, Mitchell would use the money to buy land in the Daintree Rainforest to keep it safe from developers.

To achieve his goal, Mitchell intends to be his witty, social, helpful self while observing each housemate closely and working out when to strike.

Tilly Whitfeld

This 21-year-old blonde bombshell is a student from Sydney is hoping her rivals underestimate her – before she reigns supreme. 

“I’m going to act dumb and play smart,” Tilly insists. The media, communications and arts student insisted that despite her ditsy vernacular, she is “always getting distinctions and high distinctions”.

“My whole life people look at my like I’m a bit stupid. I just want to prove my strength.”

Nick Benton

Nick - Big Brother Australia 13 Housemate
Nick – Big Brother Australia 13 Housemate

Meet Nick, a 29-year-old colour-blind house painter from Adelaide who might just be the most laid-back guy in Australia.

Nick has two beautiful females in his life – pet Staffy Edwina and fiancé Lara – but in the Big Brother house, it’s his bromance with “king of the jungle” Daniel that will really get tongues wagging.

Katie Williams

Katie – Big Brother Australia 2021 Housemate

Meet Katie – the 27-year-old former beach sprinter champion turned personal trainer and fitness blogger from Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

She is also the host of the podcast Better For It and boasts an Instagram following of over 45,000 fans.

“Big Brother is going to throw us curveballs“. Katie says she will use her fitness prowess to ‘hit it back with force’ in the competition and hailed it as ‘game on!’

Marley Biyendolo

Meet Marley – Big Brother Australia 13 Housemate

Meet Marley Biyendolo – the Melbourne basketball player doing it for his dad.

The 26-year-old disability support worker may look like unassuming with his big smile, but don’t be fooled – he’s in it to win it. “I’ve been through some tough situations but I keep getting back up. I’ll do anything to get to the end,” he said.

“My biggest motivation would be my mum… she unfortunately passed. “This amount of money, it’s a lot for dad, it could help so much.”

Christina Podolyan

Christina Podolyan BBAU 2021
Christina Podolyan BBAU

Melbourne flight attendant Christina is looking forward to take-off in the Big Brother house. With her airline career grounded due to the COVID-19 pandemic, going into Big Brother is a dream come true for superfan Christina.

Born in Israel with a Russian background, Christina migrated to Australia with her family when she was 10 years old after her father decided it was too dangerous to live in Tel Aviv.

Her strategy for longevity in the game is to establish emotional connections with as many people as possible and purposely lose the first few challenges so she’s not seen as a threat. Just don’t gossip, be arrogant or steal rations – housemates don’t want to see Christina when she’s “hangry”.

Ari Kimber

Ari Kimber Big brother

Ari Kimber is a highly intelligent and extremely ambitious student from Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.

His focus in life is power and money and he won’t let anything, or anyone, stand in the way of achieving his goals – one of which is becoming Australia’s youngest Prime Minister.

Ari thrives on being 10 steps ahead of everyone else. This “leader in disguise” won’t let on how smart he is to the other housemates, instead using his studies in law, communications and neuropsychology to charm them into loving him and doing his will.

Ari believes this ability to build fake friendships will be key to winning Big Brother’s game, after which he plans to go on a spending spree in France

Carlos Castro

Carlos Castro – BBAU 13 Cast

Meet Carlos a 39-year-old Colombian coffee addict now based in Perth. The spicy and feisty coffee-lover sure to bring a bit of flair to the Big Brother House.

In a teaser clip, Carlos declares that he is desperate for coffee, with Big Brother asking him if there is anything ‘he wouldn’t do’ to get his beloved drink.

Mary Kalifatidis

Mary Kalifatidis Big Brother Australia

Mary Kalifatidis is the mother of Married at First Sight’s Martha who took part in the 2019 season.

“They better have the champagne on ice” quips Mary upon her arrival at the Big Brother house during her promo clip.

Mary hopes to win over her fellow housemates with her secret weapon – her food. She thinks she will especially be able to win over the boys as they love their mum’s cooking.

Michael Brown

Michael James Brown - Big Brother Australia Season 13
BBAU – Michael Brown

Meet Michael James Brown; Perth marketing consultant. This well-travelled dreamer can be calculated and cunning and is happy to make bold, ruthless moves to advance in Big Brother’s game.

Michael loves thinking big and making the impossible happen. He’s also a mischief-maker who won’t gel well with alpha males or people with strong opinions who won’t listen to others.

If Michael’s game plan succeeds, he’s likely to buy a Tesla, put the money towards a home deposit or blow it all on travel. He knows that whatever happens he’ll learn a lot about himself through this adventure.

Jess Trend

Jess Trend Big Brother Australia
Jess Trend Big Brother Australia 2021

Meet Jess, former North Melbourne defender/midfielder, who also works as a PE teacher, survived a two-year setback due to a ruptured ACL before reaching her dreams of being drafted in 2018.

Jess believes her patience and bubbly nature should see her make strong connections in the house, although she is mindful that her physical prowess and competitive spirit may be viewed as a threat.

Her strategy is to take things one day at a time and not take any part of the experience for granted. Jess’ word means everything to her and while she intends to play an honest game, she accepts she’ll have to do what it takes to get to the end.

Sid Pattni

Sid Pattni big brother australia
Sid Pattni – Big Brother Australia 2021

The gifted Indian-Australian artist was born in London, raised in Kenya and spent his teenage years in Perth where he now works as a high school art teacher.

A self-taught professional visual artist, Sid was a finalist in The Lester Prize for portraiture in 2020 and has had his work exhibited at The Art Gallery of Western Australia. Sid’s also made a name for himself as a multi-instrumentalist and music producer, releasing his own material and working with the likes of Meg Mac, Kimbra, M-Phazes and John Legend.

He intends on playing a smart game but will come undone when faced with loud, brash housemates who have a lack of self-awareness – or a bad hair day!


Renata Big Brother

Hailing from Lithuania, Renata moved to Australia in 2007 and is based in Adelaide where she’s a flight attendant and part way through a Bachelor of Nursing.

Renata was a wife and mum at a young age and counts her two, now grown up, children as her proudest achievement. The now single divorcee is not afraid to speak her mind which could see her ruffle some feathers in the house.

Hard working, funny and very opinionated, Renata is confident in who she is as a person. She understands her attitude can make her unlikeable to some. All she asks is that the housemates be honest with her because she can’t stand pretenders or people on a power trip.

Max Beattie

Max - Big Brother Australia 13
Max – Big Brother Australia

With a New Zealand background, Max grew up in Kiama, NSW before moving to Queensland at a young age. The elite athlete, who also works in events and marketing, has been competing since 2015. He was the 2016 World Life Saving Champion and is a four-time New Zealand Ironman Champion.

Friendly but competitive, Max is confident he’ll be a challenge beast in the house. He doesn’t do anything just to participate – it is always to win.

Currently single, Max is looking forward to making new friends in the house and creating good habits. He can’t stand people who are selfish or rude.

Charlotte Hall

Sassy, single stylist Charlotte is not afraid to be seen or heard, in fact, she thrives on it. As the youngest of five children, Charlotte is used to finding ways and means to stand out.

A fan of wearing cheetah print, “Princess Char” as she calls herself, has worked in the fashion industry for seven years across her hometown of Brisbane and LA. She dreams of one day becoming a full-time celebrity stylist.

Charlotte is entering the Big Brother house without a specific game plan but is ready to do whatever it takes to get to the final three. She wants to prove to herself that she can do something so completely out of her comfort zone and believes her ability to read people will get her far.

Christopher Wayne

Christopher Wayne

Christopher is creator and co-star of The Naked Magicians, which played in 300 cities around the world and was the first Australian magic show to headline its own residency on the Las Vegas strip.

The successful magician and stand-up comedian admits he can be polarising but is confident his well-honed powers of manipulation and the ability to think quickly on his feet will get him far in the game.

Christopher sees himself as a charming, funny, “I don’t trust you, but I want to sleep with you” villain and says he’d love nothing more than to meet the woman of his dreams in the Big Brother house.

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