Big Brother Naija Week 5 Voting Results

Big Brother Naija Week 5 Voting Results

This week, 4 housemates are up for possible eviction from the big brother naija show after been placed on nomination by fellow housemates.

Aside from that, this week has been full of dramas and twist as big brother decided to introduce 5 new housemates into the bbnaija house in a plot to spice up the game.

Two housemates Venita and Elozonam came in on Day 30, another two – Enkay and Joe came in on day 31 and the fifth housemate – Cindy came in on day 32. It’s been back to back surprise for the housemates.

Big Brother Naija Week 5 Nomination List

How the housemates voted – Below is a breakdown of who the housemates nominated for possible eviction

  • Frodd Nominated Jeff and Sir Dee
  • Jackye Nominated Jeff and Omashola
  • Ike Nominated Jeff and Jackye
  • Gedoni Nominated Mike and Jeff
  • Mercy Nominated Mike and Omashola
  • Seyi Nominated Jeff and Tacha
  • Omashola Nominated Mike and Ike
  • Diane Nominated Jeff and Seyi
  • Tacha Nominated Jeff and Gedoni
  • Khafi Nominated Jackye and Esther
  • Sir Dee Nominated Ike and Omashola
  • Esther Nominated Jeff and Omashola
  • Mike Nominated Seyi and Tacha
  • Jeff Nominated Tacha and Sir Dee

Big Brother Naija Housemates up for Eviction This Week (Week 5)

Note that Frodd was not nominated because he’s this week’s Head of House(HOH) which automatically makes him automatically immune to nominations.

The four housemates that were up for eviction this week are Omashola. Jeff, Mike, and Tacha. According to big brother, at least one of these housemates will be leaving the big brother house.

Big Brother Naija Week 5 Voting Results Percentage

Jeff has been evicted from the big brother house and goes on to become the 8th housemates to be evicted joining the likes of Tuoyo, Isilomo, Kimoprah, Ella and Avala who have all being evicted from the big brother house.

Omashola, Tacha and Mike were all saved after claiming the highest vote and Jeff saw his journey to winning the grand price of N60million come to an end as he claimed the lowest vote.

Bbnaija Week 5 voting percentage

Mike claimed 33.63% of the votes, Tacha 32.73%, Omashola 27.84% and Jeff with the lowest vote of 5.80%

Big Brother Naija Week 5 Eviction Results

LiveShow: Jeff is Evicted

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