Big Brother Naija 2021 Week 5 Voting Results & Percentage; Names of Evicted Housemate

Big Brother Naija 2021 Week 5 Voting Result

This week, 6 Big Brother Naija Season 6 Housemates are up for possible eviction and one or more will be evicted today. With 20 housemates left in the house the competition and race to win the grand prize of N90million is now getting tougher.

Before Big Brother Naija week 5 Monday live nomination show, Liquorose emerged as BBNaija Week 5 Head of House and she chose Saga as Deputy Head of House. Winning the Head of House automatically gave Liquorose immunity from nomination.

After the nomination process, the 6 housemates with the highest nominations (Pere, Maria, Peace, Sammie, Queen and JMK) were to be up for eviction.

The veto power was called into play and the current head of house and veto power holder Liquorose was asked to save and replace one housemate of his choice. Liquorose saved Peace and replaced her with Cross.

BBNaija Shine Ya Eye Housemates up for Eviction this Week

The final six BBNaija Shine Ya Eye Housemates up for possible eviction in week 5 of Big Brother Naija Season 6 are:

  1. Pere
  2. Maria
  3. Cross
  4. Sammie
  5. Queen
  6. JMK

BBNaija JMK Evicted

JMK has been Evicted from the Big Brother House – JMK had a terrific time in the #BBNaija House making memories that will last for days, here’s a look at her time with her fellow Housemates.

BBNaija Sammie Evicted


Sammie’s time in the Big Brother House has come to an end, watch this short highlight’s reel of his five weeks in the continent’s most-watched House. Sammie had a swell time in the #BBNaija House and had us glued to our screens.

BBNaija Maria Evicted

Maria achieved a lot in the #BBNaija House and it’s great to relive those memories. Watch them below.

Big Brother Naija 2021 Week 5 Voting Results Percentages

BBNaija Voting result: How you all voted for your favourite housemate, the voting chart only shows the housemates with the lowest vote. Unlike previous seasons, the voting charts showing housemates with the highest votes are not released.

BBNaija Week 5 voting percentage

How the viewers voted: From the bottom half, Pere got the highest vote at 14.17%, Maria– 13.73%, Sammie – 16.21% and JMK with the lowest vote at 4.64%.

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