Fact Check: Was Omashola Robbed of N2 Million by Big Brother? Be the Judge

In the just-concluded Big Brother Naija 2019, Mike was crowned the ultimate Friday night arena game champion but this announcement seems to have taken everyone by surprise

According to big brother, the housemates with the fastest cumulative time will be crowned the ultimate friday night arena game and walk home with the cash price of N2million

No hard feeling against the winner, but let’s do some little bit of fact-checking right from week 1 till week 14 and analyze how mike was crowned the ultimate arena game champion

So it’s going to be Mike Vs Omashola Arena game finishing time analysis

BBNaija Week 1 Arena Game

In week 1 arena game challenge, the housemates were divided into three teams(team Green, Team Red and Team White). These teams comprising of seven housemates each.

Since we’ll be focusing on only Mike and Omashola, I’ll like to point out that “Omashola” was in Team Green while “Mike” was in Team White.

  • Team Green completed the challenge in 1:19sec ( Team Green won with the fastest time)
  • Team Red completed the challenge in 1:51sec
  • Team White completed the challenge in 1:55sec.

BBNaija Week 2 Arena Game

Mike won bbnaija week 2 arena game challenge. He completed his task in 00:44:18sec while Omashola completed his in 01:35:02sec

BBNaija Week 3 Arena Game

Omashola won bbnaija week 3 arena game. He completed the challenge in 00:43:05sec. Mike finished the task in 01:03:17sec

BBNaija Week 4 Arena Game

Sir Dee won bbnaija week 4 friday arena game. Omashola finished in 05:00:14sec while Mike finished in 03:36:03sec

BBNaija Week 5 Arena Game

Omashola completed his task in 00:00:40sec to win this week’s arena game challenge. Mike also completed his in 01:18:00sec

BBNaija Week 6 Arena Game

Omashola won week 6 arena game, he completed his task in 00:32:20sec while mike completed his in 02:19:20sec

BBNaija Week 7 Arena Game

In week 7, the arena game was played as a team. The housemates were divided into 3 teams.

  • Team 1 (Khafi, Gedoni, Cindy, Omashola, Seyi, and Diane)
  • Team 2 (Tacha, Enkay, SirDee, Venita, Elozonam and Joe)
  • Team 3 (Frodd, Jackye, Esther, Mike, Mercy and Ike)

Team 3(Mike’s team) won this week’s challenge with a completion time of 03:52:12sec while Team 1(Omashola’s team) completed the challenge in 07:30:06sec

BBNaija Week 8 Arena Game

Elozonam won week 8 arena game after finishing with the fastest time of 1 minute 55 seconds. Omashola took second place after completing his task in 02:01sec and mike completed his in 02:07sec

BBNaija Week 9 Arena Game

Sir Dee emerged winner of bbnaija week 9 arena game after completing the task with the fastest time of 1minute 39 seconds. Omashola completed the task in 2:54 sec while Mike completed his in 5:21sec

BBNaija Week 10 Arena Game

Frodd emerged winner of bbnaija week 10 arena game after completing the task with the fastest time of 52 seconds. Omashola completed the task in 00:59sec while Mike completed his in 0:60sec

BBNaija Week 11 Arena Game

Seyi emerged winner of bbnaija week 11 arena game after completing the task with the fastest time of 1 minute 13 seconds. Omashola completed the task in 03:47sec while Mike completed his in 1:51sec

BBNaija Week 12 Arena Game

Ike won this week’s arena game challenge after completing the task in 1:32sec while Omashola was runner up with completion time of 1:39seconds. Mike completed the challenge in 1:45seconds

BBNaija Week 13 Arena Game

Omashola won this weeks arena game challenge with a record completion time of 00:51 seconds while Mike completed the challenges in 01:15sec

BBNaija Week 14 Arena Game

Omashola won the challenge and completed the task in just 00:58 seconds while Mike completed the challenge in 01:15 seconds

A. BBNaija 2019 Arena Game ( Omashola vs Mike)

BBnaija Arena Game(
Week 1(Team Score) 01:19 01:55
Week 2 01:35 00:44
Week 3 00:43 01:03
Week 4 05:00 03:36
Week 5 00:40 01:18
Week 6 00:32 02:19
Week 7(Team Score) 07:30 03:52
Week 8 02:01 02:07
Week 9 02:54 05:21
Week 10 00:59 01:00
Week 11 03:47 01:51
Week 12 01:39 01:45
Week 13 00:51 01:15
Week 14 00:58 01:15
TOTAL TIME 27:1726:81

Note that week 1 and week 7 arena game challenge was done as a team and thus I automatically allocated the team score for Mike and Omashola respectively as there’s no way I can get their individual score.

But if I were to remove week 1 and week 7 from the table, Omashola will emerge as the winner. Take a look below.

B. BBNaija 2019 Arena Game ( Omashola vs Mike)

BBnaija Arena Game(
Week 1( Team Score)Result Omitted Result Omitted
Week 201:3500:44
Week 300:4301:03
Week 405:0003:36
Week 500:4001:18
Week 600:3202:19
Week 7 (Team Score)Result Omitted Result Omitted
Week 802:0102:07
Week 902:5405:21
Week 1000:5901:00
Week 1103:4701:51
Week 1201:3901:45
Week 1300:5101:15
Week 1400:5801:15
TOTAL TIME18:6821:74

Guess we’ll have to wait for an official announcement from big brother in order to clear the speculation surrounding the ultimate arena game champion.

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