(Video) Erica and I Aren’t A Thing – Kiddwaya reveals To Vee and Neo (Video)

Kiddwaya just said to Vee and Neo that he and Erica aren’t a thing.

He made this revelation to the lovebirds, Neo and Vee while he was in the Kitchen area with them.

They all had just finished their morning chores routine mandated by the Powerful Head Of House, Lucy and they all were lazying around discussing random issues.

Vee and Neo got into their usual touchy and romantic acts when Kiddwaya made a statement which made him join the duo in a hug.

While the three of them were hugging, Vee mentioned to Kiddwaya that he should call Erica to come and join them in the hug. “Call Erica to come and join us”

Kiddwaya grumbled and mentioned Nengi. Vee replied him and said its good but she wants Erica. Neo who noticed Kiddwaya reluctance also joined and asked him to call Erica.

Kiddwaya replied and said “Erica and I aren’t a thing mehn, call Nengi to confirm”

This statement got Vee in a funny but annoyed mood. She walked out saying “ah God, that girl has suffered in you people hands”

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