Social Media Goals You Can Set for Your Business

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Social Media Goals You Can Set for Your Business

In the business world, the importance of a strong social media presence is well-known. However, not all companies in Nigeria understand what exactly they should get out of it. Here is how you can develop a social media campaign that will boost revenues. Discover three primary goals recommended for your promotion efforts.

Social media goals for your business

1. Boosting Brand Awareness

It is the top motivation for corporate users. They want to make their brand more recognizable and familiar to the target audience. After all, reaching new customers to improve sales is the ultimate goal. At the same time, it is essential to retain your existing clientele. Make sure their interest is fueled continuously. So, what exactly do you need to achieve this?

Number of Followers

The number of people who follow you on social media is less important than you may think. Some metrics are more significant. Still, expanding your following is beneficial. More people learn about you, and you may keep them updated through their newsfeed.

Look at Your Reach

This metric reflects the number of people who see your posts. These are not necessarily your followers. The larger your reach — the better for the business. You can find out which of your posts generate the biggest reach and create subsequent posts in a similar fashion.

Mentions, Shares or Retweets

Let your audience spread the word. The more people repost, retweet, share, and comment — the better. Great posts which spark discussion. Here, you may also identify the most shared content and replicate it in the future.

How to Keep Track

So, how can you understand which posts are the most successful? Social media platforms like Instagram have built-in metrics. Their analytical dashboard will tell you which posts are the most popular. In addition, you may employ third-party tools for extra insights.

It is worth creating a special Excel spreadsheet for this data and updating it monthly. Focus on core statistics like your follower count for each social platform. This way, it will be easier to evaluate performance and identify patterns in your social media activity.

2. Increasing Engagement

Some experts believe this is the most important goal in SMM. After all, content is useless if the audience is not interested. Besides, engagement metrics allow you to see if your activity efforts target the right audience.

Look at Your Website Traffic

Suppose your company renders brokerage services to traders across the country. Big brands like Forextime use different methods of bringing in more traffic. Forex is wildly popular, as it allows money-making from any device.

To open an account, people need to visit your Forex trading website so you post links to it on social media pages. Users interested in Forex trading click on these links. Aside from social media posts, they may be inserted into articles on other resources. When clicked on, links expose prospective customers to your product to service.

You may evaluate effectiveness through quantifiable data provided by Google Analytics. Determine the networks that drive the most traffic and pay attention to bounce rates. The latter shows you how many users stay long enough to read through your content.

Likes, Comments, Shares

The numbers of comments, likes and shares are simple indicators of interest. The more users interact with your posts — the more prospective customers.

Number of Clicks

You can use a URL shortener to make link clicks quantifiable. On some social media platforms, the metric is included in the dashboard by default.

3. Generating New Leads

Businesses that sell products or services may generate leads and build mail lists using social media tools. Leads are your prospective paying customers, so you should aim to increase their number. The same applies to the number of email addresses you collect. The more people receive your newsletters — the more orders you may get.

How to Keep Track

If your website contains gated content, monitor the number of downloads. Increasing it is another goal you should pursue. Secondly, aim to collect more email addresses. Establish a benchmark and focus on beating it. If you arrange contests, compare figures. How many users have replied to your latest question? Increase the involvement of your followers.


The Bottom Line

Everybody knows that brands need social media, but not every company sets clear goals for its SMM team. Do not make the same mistake. Establish benchmarks, so you can track progress and see if your campaign is moving in the right direction. Focus on generating enough leads and igniting interest through different platforms. Fortunately, there is no shortage of tools and metrics to leverage.

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