Top 10 MBA scholarships For Women

Institutions, the government, charitable organizations/foundations, and affluent individuals all provide MBA scholarships for women. With the help of this fund, the financial barrier that keeps women from pursuing graduate business degrees is removed, enabling them to develop the networks, leadership abilities, and self-assurance they need to be successful in their businesses.

The MBA scholarships for women will also reduce the need for loans, prevent graduates from accruing student loan debt, and hasten the return on their educational investment.

The top MBA scholarships for women and information on how to apply are listed below. To learn about available MBA scholarships for women and how to apply, continue reading.

1. London Business School MBA Scholarships for Women

One of the top business schools in London and the UK overall, London Business School has won recognition as one of the top business schools in the world. Women who desire to pursue an MBA at London Business School are eligible for an annual scholarship of up to £20,000, which covers all tuition costs.

The fellowship was established to support applicants with vital academic records and to boost the number of women enrolling at the London Business School. It ranks on my fourth list of women’s most outstanding MBA scholarships since the scholarship amount is excellent and the application process is straightforward.

2. INSEAD Scholarships

One of the top business schools in France, INSEAD is also regarded as one of the top management schools in the entire globe. The college provides men and women from various geographic areas with more than 30 different scholarship options. There are 10 MBA scholarships for women offered by INSEAD, but this essay only focuses on those.

Each scholarship has a separate set of requirements for applicants and a varied budget, like the Groupe Galeries Lafayette Endowed Scholarship, which awards $12,000 to women with retail fashion experts dedicated to providing excellent customer service regardless of social class or race. The Judith Connelly Delouvrier Endowed Scholarship, which awards $15,000 based on merit, is another option.

3. IMD MBA Scholarships

The Global Institute for Management Development A Swiss business school IMD branch has been established in Singapore. The institute provides both men and women who wish to pursue an MBA degree from the university with various funding alternatives. However, particular scholarships are geared towards women seeking an MBA from IMD.

IMD gives scholarships worth CHF 30,000 to people who can show that they need the money, that they are good in school, that their recommendations are strong, and that they can move up in their careers.

4. Executive MBA Scholarships for Women – Said Business School

The fabled University of Oxford’s Said Business School is a business school. Every year, the school awards two different types of scholarships to deserving female applicants for the Executive MBA program.

The two available scholarships are the Oxford Executive MBA Scholarships for Women in Collaboration with the 30% Club and the Forte Foundation Fellowships for Women.

It would help if you exhibited academic distinction, professional success, a desire to set an example for others, and the willingness to serve as an enthusiastic school ambassador to be given one of these scholarships. You must have applied to the EMBA program at Said Business School to qualify for the scholarships.

5. Imperial College Business School Forte Fellowships for Women

Imperial College is a top-tier university in the UK, specializing in science, engineering, business, and medicine. For those interested in pursuing a business degree, its business school, Imperial College Business School, offers 11 scholarships and one bursary. As long as candidates meet the requirements, they are eligible to apply for any of these scholarships.

The Forte Fellowships for Women are the only scholarships designated particularly for women. Given that it pays for 50% of your tuition, this is among women’s most outstanding MBA scholarships. It is for high-achieving women who want to join the full-time MBA program at Imperial College Business School.

6. Dean’s Scholarship for Women and Management – Melbourne Business School

One of the top MBA scholarships for women granted by Melbourne Business School, the University of Melbourne Australia business school, is the Dean’s Scholarship for Women and Management. This scholarship aims to get great female CEOs to sign up for the Senior Executive MBA program at Melbourne Business School.

If you are a woman applying for the Senior Executive MBA, you will automatically be considered for the scholarship, which has a value of $50,000. There are no strict requirements or eligibility requirements for this scholarship.

7. Griffith Business School MBA Scholarship for Women

One of the most outstanding MBA scholarships is available to women who want to study an MBA at Griffith Business School, the business school of Griffith University. The scholarship will cover half of your tuition costs for four years for each enrolled trimester. To keep getting the scholarship, you need to keep your GPA at 4.0 on a scale of 7.0.

You must be a woman from Australia, either as a citizen, permanent resident, holder of a humanitarian visa, or a citizen of New Zealand, to be eligible for this award. Of course, you also need to have applied to and been accepted into Griffith Business School’s MBA program. Because of the fantastic 50% funding, I rank it in the top 3 of women’s most good MBA scholarships.

8. ESMT Berlin Full-time MBA Scholarships

A business school in Germany called ESMT Berlin provides applicants who want to study for an MBA with more than 15 different scholarship options. Except for the 30% Club Scholarship, the Women in Business Scholarship, the Women in Tech Scholarship, and the Vali Berlin Entrepreneurship Scholarship, which are only available to women, these scholarships are open to all applicants.

The Vali Berlin Female Founders Scholarship provides 5,000 euros, the Women in Business Scholarship and the Women in Tech Scholarship each provide 7,500 euros, and the 30% Club Scholarship offers 30% off tuition. There are various requirements and standards for each of these scholarships.

9. Women in Leadership Scholarship – The University of Surrey

The Woman in Leadership Scholarship is an opportunity for women who want to pursue an MBA at the University of Surrey. Women who can demonstrate their contribution to business and a desire to support future female candidates are eligible for the scholarship. Candidates who enroll in the full-time or Executive MBA programs are qualified for it.

The scholarship is given on a rolling basis and covers 10–50% of the tuition. It is open to students of all nationalities, including those from the UK, but those whose first language is not English must take the IELTS and receive a score of 6.5 overall.

10. Tech Women MBA Scholarship – Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences

The Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences’ Tech Women MBA Scholarship provides technical-educated women who wish to pursue an MBA with a focus on Data Analytics or an MBA with a focus on Digital Transformation with an available scholarship of 5,000 euros each. All nationalities are eligible to apply, but you must have a TOEFL or IELTS score of 90 or 6.5, respectively.

GRE, GMAT, and GPA scores are not required, but you must have a stellar bachelor’s degree and at least three years of experience working in a tech or science sector. Must also include reference letters and a compelling, motivational personal application letter.