Ultimate Love 2020 Week 7 Voting Poll

Ultimate Love 2020 Week 7 Voting Poll

Ultimate Love Voting Poll This Week – Five Couples Are Up For Possible Eviction after been nominated by their fellow love guest. Here is a breakdown of how the live nomination went and names of love guests that are up for eviction this week.

Ultimate Love 2020 Week 7 Nomination List

  • PreshDavid nominated ObiEbi Roksie
  • Chivia nominated Bolar DoubleChris
  • ObiEbi nominated Iykeresa & DoubleChris
  • Iykeresa nominated Roskie DoubleChris
  • DoubleChris nominated Chivia ObiEbi
  • Roksie nominated PreshDavid Iykeresa
  • Bolar nominated Preshdavid DoubleChris

Ultimate Love Voting Poll for this Week

Ultimate love who is up for eviction this week – The final five ultimate love couples up for eviction this week are DoublechrisIykeresaObiebiPreshdavid and Roskie. Vote for your favourite couple below

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Ultimate Love Voting Poll Result

You’ll see the result once you’ve voted below. Don’t forget to also share and encourage others to vote for your favourite couple. Join us on telegram for more updates.

How to Vote Multiple Times

REFRESH PAGE TO VOTE MOREYou can vote as many times as you want, all you just have to do is refresh this page. Take the Poll below

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