Meet Ultimate Love 2020 Finalist

Ultimate Love 2020 Finalist

With less than 3 days till the end of ultimate love 2020, we have our top 5 finalists already; who do you think will win this year’s edition of ultimate love show season 1?.

Ultimate Love Nigeria, a thrilling new reality tv show by Multichoice Nigeria. Nigeria’s first-of-its-kind reality show where couples will compete to emerge as the Ultimate Couple. The series follows random contestants in a secluded venue for 8 weeks under 24-hour surveillance until two contestants are declared the “Ultimate Couple”.

The ultimate prize is finding love and if the “Ultimate Couple” decides to get married, they will win a lavish all-expenses-paid wedding and a fully furnished home. The winning couple of ultimate love season 1 reality show will also get a cash prize of N5million after being married for a year

The show which kicked off on February 9th with 16 love guests, saw the inclusion of 7 more housemates mid-season. The final ultimate love 2020 finalists are Bolar, Roksie, Chivia, Doublechris and Iykeresa who are all competing for the grand prize

Ultimate Love 2020 Love Couples – Finalist


One thing stands out in this Love Couple’s relationship and that’s their constant communication and openness. From the get-go, Bolanle confessed to be a craver of communication and that means Arnold is giving her exactly what she needs. A little secret that this Love Couple have gotten a grip of.


They might have had a few glitches to the start of their relationship but Roksie looks solid and ready to sail through the waves of Love and hopefully emerge as the Ultimate Couple. As one of the first couples to become quite close, the rekindling of this romance should be something to behold.


Picture perfect couple? Here they are! Besides having a history outside the Love Pad, these two are more than answered prayers for each other. With Sylvia’s love language being quality attention and physical touch, it is no surprise seeing both of them steal hugs, smiles and have silly conversations with each other. Their instant commitment to staying true to their love journey is admirable.


These two seem like a perfect match and it’s just not having the same names. DoubleChris seems to have similar attributes too – calm, mature, smart and fun to chat with. Oh did we mention not so great dancers too? Apart from being referred to as a couple, they’ve both promised to remain team players in the Love Pad, which unmistakably is a guideline to a smooth relationship.


They might be one of the youngest in the Love Pad, but their connection is undeniable. It didn’t take much long for them to find one another and they have been tied at the hip ever since. Iykeresa is a perfect combination of beauty and brains and their relationship is beautiful to witness.

Ultimate Love 2020 Finale

Winner will be announced on Sunday 29th March; stay tuned for more updates. Who do you think will win ultimate love show 2020, vote below and also join us on Telegram for more updates.

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