Big Brother Naija 2022 Week 5 Voting Poll

Big Brother Naija 2022 Week 5 Voting Poll (Fake Nomination)

Before BBNaija week 5 Monday live nomination, the remaining 21 BBNaija season 7 housemates participated in the week’s Head of House challenge except for the incumbent head of house – Eloswag.

The remaining Big Brother Naija Season 7 housemates are Eloswag, Adekunle, Allysyn, Bella, Chichi, Chomzy, Diana, Dotun, Doyin, Giddyfia, Hermes, Sheggz, Deji, Rachel, Amaka, Bryann, Daniella, Groovy, Phyna, Modella and Chizzy.

Big Brother Naija housemate Chomzy emerged as the winner of BBNaija week 5 head of house challenge. For winning the head of house challenge, she gained immunity from this week’s possible eviction, and also the ultimate power to nominate housemates for eviction this week.

Chomzy also gets the exclusive privilege to use the head of house lodge and share it with a partner. She chose to share the privilege with Eloswag who in turn gains immunity from this week’s possible eviction.

Big Brother Naija Level Up Season 7 started with 24 housemates with the addition of four new housemates and has already seen six evictions and one disqualification in the span of four weeks with more to come as the quest for the winner intensifies.

This week, big brother has announced that at least one or more housemates will be evicted; so vote to keep your favourite housemates in the house.

Big Brother Naija 2022 Week 5 Nomination List

Big Brother Naija Week 5 Head of House – The housemates were called into the diary room by big brother to nominate two housemates who they would like to put up for eviction this week.

Below is a breakdown of how BBNaija Week 5 live nomination went and who the housemates nominated.

  1. Diana Nominated Chichi and Sheggz
  2. Rachel Nominated Doyin and Sheggz
  3. Chichi Nominated Allysyn and Adekunle
  4. Bryann Nominated Chichi and Adekunle
  5. Doyin Nominated Hermes and Rachel
  6. Eloswag Nominated Doyin and Amaka
  7. Groovy Nominated Adekunle and Doyin
  8. Daniella Nominated Hermes and Chichi
  9. Amaka Nominated Adekunle ands Chichi
  10. Phyna Nominated Adekunle and Hermes
  11. Allysyn Nominated Chichi and Rachel
  12. Adekunle Nominated Sheggz and Bella
  13. Bella Nominated Hermes and Amaka
  14. Hermes Nominated Chichi and Doyin
  15. Sheggz Nominated Adekunle and Rachel
  16. Giddyfia Nominated Doyin and Chichi
  17. Deji Nominated Diana and Doyin
  18. Modella Nominated Hermes and Amaka
  19. Chizzy Nominated Sheggz and Bella
  20. Dotun Nominated Adekunle and Rachel
  21. Chomzy Nominated Giddyfia and Amaka

Following the nomination, here are the housemates with the highest number of nominations.

  1. Chichi– 7 Nominations
  2. Adekunle – 7 Nominations
  3. Doyin – 6 Nominations
  4. Hermes– 5 Nominations
  5. Rachel – 4 Nominations
  6. Sheggz – 4 Nominations
  7. Amaka – 4 Nominations

BBNaija 2022 Level Up Housemates up for Eviction this Week

Big Brother Naija 2022 Week 5 Voting Poll

Recall that Big Brother had earlier announced to the viewers that this is a fake eviction and no housemates will be evicted on Sunday but this is unknown to the housemates.

Big Brother decided to place all housemates up for possible eviction except for the head of house Chomzy and her companion Eloswag.

The final Big Brother Naija 2022 Level Up Housemates up for possible eviction in week 5 of Big Brother Naija Season 7 are:

  1. Chichi
  2. Adekunle
  3. Doyin
  4. Hermes
  5. Rachel
  6. Sheggz
  7. Amaka
  8. Allysyn
  9. Bella
  10. Diana
  11. Dotun
  12. Giddyfia
  13. Deji
  14. Bryann
  15. Daniella
  16. Groovy
  17. Phyna
  18. Modella
  19. Chizzy

Big Brother Naija 2022 Week 5 Voting Poll Results

You’ll see the result of the voting poll once you’ve voted below. Don’t forget to also share and encourage others to vote for your favourite housemates So who are you going to be voting for in BBNaija week 5 voting poll, Vote below and invite your friends.

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