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Big Brother Naija 2021 Week 8 Voting Poll

Big Brother Naija 2021 Week 8 Voting Poll

Big Brother Naija 2021 Week 8 Voting Poll

This week, five Big Brother Naija 2021 Shine Ya Eye housemates are up for possible eviction this week, vote for them below.

Just like BBNaija week 7 nomination, the Head of House and veto Power privileges still come into play. The housemate who comes first and emerges winner of the Head of House Challenge will automatically be immune from possible eviction and the housemate who takes second place will become the veto power holder and will be expected to perform a save and replace.

With just 11 housemates left in the big brother’s house, the race to winning the grand prize of N90million is now getting tougher. This week, one or more housemates will be evicted, so vote to save your favourite housemates from possible eviction as the housemates with the least votes will be evicted on Sunday.

As usual, the housemates were called into the diary room to nominate two housemates for possible eviction this week.

Big Brother Naija 2021 Week 8 Nomination List

Below is a breakdown of how BBNaija Week 8 Live Nomination Went and who the housemates nominated.

  1. Angel Nominated Saga and Emmanuel
  2. Emmanuel Nominated Saskay and Pere
  3. Cross Nominated Nini and Whitemoney
  4. Pere Nominated Nini and Angel
  5. Queen Nominated Yousef and Saskay
  6. Saga Nominated Yousef and Angel
  7. Liquorose Nominated Angel and Yousef
  8. Whitemoney Nominated Angel and Yousef
  9. Nini Nominated Emmanuel and Angel
  10. Saskay Nominated Yousef and Emmanuel
  11. Yousef Nominated Liquorose and Cross

BBNaija 2021 Shine Ya Eye Housemates Up for Eviction in Week 8

Following the nomination result, here are the housemates with the highest number of nominations

  • Yousef – 5 Nominations
  • Angel – 5 Nominations
  • Emmanuel – 3 Nominations
  • Saskay – 2 Nominations
  • Nini – 2 Nominations
  • Saga- 1 Nomination
  • Cross – 1 Nomination
  • Liquorose – 1 Nomination
  • Whitemoney -1 Nomination
  • Pere – 1 Nomination

Whitemoney emerged as the winner of BBNaija Week 8 head of House game which means he’s immune from possible eviction this week and Nini who came second was made the Veto Power holder.

The Veto Power was called into play and Nini was asked to save one nominated housemate and replace with another not nominated. She was asked to pick any housemate except the Head of House. Nini saved herself and put Cross up for eviction.

The Final five BBNaija Shine Ya eye housemates up for possible eviction in week 8 of Big brother Naija 2021 are:

  1. Yousef
  2. Angel
  3. Emmanuel
  4. Saskay
  5. Cross

Big Brother Naija 2021 Week 8 Voting Results

You’ll see the result once you’ve voted below. Don’t forget to also share and encourage others to vote for your favourite housemates

So who are you going to be voting for in BBNaija week 8 voting poll, Vote below and invite your friends.

How to Vote Multiple Times

REFRESH PAGE TO VOTE MORE: You can vote as many times as you want, all you just have to do is refresh this page or close and reopen it.

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  • Big Brother Naija 2021 Voting Poll – Week 8

    Big Brother Naija 2021 Week 8 Voting Poll
    • Angel
    • Yousef
    • Emmanuel
    • Saskay
    • Cross

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  1. Biggie pls for our sake evict angel is she feeling big or wats she feeling like especially that HOH see biggie we are tired abeg make u na godie for ur house 😤

  2. I don’t really know much about can someone pls enlighten me or give me more update about( Bbnaija).

  3. Biggie please evict Angel, that girl attitude is somehow expecially dah HoH Game, wat does she thinks of herself, Her vibes don die
    Evict her please biggie, we are just tired of her
    Let her go home and learn

  4. Angel should go home on Sunday
    Makes she dey gooooooooooooooooooo
    Anegllllllllll gooooooo
    Ur vibes don die

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