Big brother naija 2019 week 3 voting poll

Big Brother Naija 2019 week 3 voting poll
Big Brother Naija 2019 week 3 voting poll

Big Brother Naija 2019 week 3 voting poll

5 Housemates Are Up For Possible Eviction after been nominated by their fellow housemates. Here is a breakdown of how the live nomination went and who nominated who.

  • Tuoyo Nominated Jeff and Mike
  • Thelma Nominated Frodd and Tacha
  • Ike Nominated Jeff and Frodd
  • Tacha Nominated Frodd and Jeff
  • Seyi Nominated Frodd and Tuoyo
  • Esther Nominated Mike and Jeff
  • Mike Nominated Seyi and Tacha
  • Frodd Nominated Omashola and Tuoyo
  • Jackye Nominated Jackye and Frodd
  • Sir Dee Nominated Tuoyo and Mercy
  • Omashola Nominated Tacha and Frodd
  • Diane Nominated Seyi and Mike
  • Nelson Nominated Gedoni and Seyi
  • Jeff Nominated Seyi and Tuoyo
  • Mercy Nominated Frodd and Mike
  • Khafi Nominated Seyi and Thelma
  • Gedoni Nominated Mike and Tuoyo

Note that Esther was not nominated because she’s this week’s Head of House which automatically makes her immune to nominations. The five housemates with the highest number of nominations were Seyi, Mike, Frodd, Tuoyo, and Tacha.

But Seyi who won this week’s Veto Power Game of Chance (means that he has the power to save a nominated housemate and replace such housemate with a housemate that is not nominated)but instead chose to forfeit his Veto power and stay on the nomination list

So who are you going to be voting for in this weeks poll, Is it going to be Seyi, Mike, Frodd, Tuoyo or Tacha. Vote below and invite your friends.

REFRESH PAGE TO VOTE MORE: You can vote as many times as you want, all you just have to do is refresh this page or close and reopen it.

You will see the result once you’ve voted.

  • Vote for the housemates you would love to keep in big brother naija house

    Big Brother Naija 2019 week 3 voting poll
    • Seyi
    • Mike
    • Tuoyo
    • Tacha
    • Frodd

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  1. Froddnation frodd is losing in the voting polls so I doubt he will survive this Sunday..Goodbye frodd

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