No Leave No Transfer but Disqualification – End of Tacha’s Na Dem Fallacy

No leave no transfer tacha

No leave no transfer disqualified, why, when and how did it all happened. We gat you covered. Bring out your wine-glass as am about to pour out some nice cold Tequila for the once-great self-acclaimed #TachaArmy. Don’t worry, the sub will go round😉

No Leave No Transfer

Tacha fan’s, here’s your sub. First, there’s nothing bad in having a favorite housemate but getting to the point where you turn blind eye to every bad thing your favourite housemate does is totally out of it.

Comon, you’re a friend to a blind man doesn’t mean you should also act blind. Hope that hits well, yea I laced it with some pepper.

No Leave No Transfer but Disqualification - End of Tacha's Na Dem Fallacy

It’s fair to say that tacha’s army were truly behind her and ready to kill for her but unknown to them, she had other plans install for her great loyal fans. Yea, the plan of overdoing the bitter character to the level of disqualification.

Fun Facts about Tacha’s Stay In The big Brother House

No Leave No Transfer but Disqualification - End of Tacha's Na Dem Fallacy
Tacha Disqualified

It’s only fair to call her the Queen of eviction; wondering why so? Well, she was up for eviction a total of 9 times, I mean nine f*cking weeks. All hail the Goddess of Eviction.

She survived 8th of those ones but unfortunately as ate will have it, she could see the 9th one through as it was cut short by disqualification

Another great record Tacha holds in the big brother house is that she has fought with every single housemate except big brother himself and the Ninjas. Hope she learns from this and become a much more bitter person than she was in the big brother house.

The End, marketed and distributed by Mercy International market.

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  1. Those housemates knew Tach before so she was a big threat!!!And madam Silicon thinks she has played her game well,God sees errthing we do and the intention!!!,we all know if she didn’t follow Tacha Tacha would not have pulled her hair!she needs money to balloon her breasts now?She will not win!!!!!!!

  2. Mercy was so scared of Thacha and knew the only way to get her out of the way was to provoke her.she played Ike and now Tacha, will make sure Mike or any other house mate wins but not her,What about her grabbing the pressing Iron to throw it at Tacha?????? What do you call that Biggie??,If she stays a far I don’t think there would have been hair pulling!!!!.NOT FSIR JUDGEMENT. At all!!!!!!!!

  3. Very rude pros .” Portharcort”first daughter according to her. No leave no transfer!!!! Pride goes before a fall.. I have power bank!!! This that!!! Heeeyyyyyy!! Then why are you here!!!! Go home first class prostitute!!!

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