Mike Edward celebrates his mother birthday

Mike Edward celebrates his mother birthday, he posted some emotional messages to show how his mother took good care him from childhood

“Happy Birthday Momma Thank you for opening my eyes as a young boy to the sad reality of today’s world. You taught me how to stand tall look prejudice straight in the face, and unapologetically tell them to you get my point… Anyway, I love you Momma I’m sure you’ll see this on your secret account and smile”

Mike Edwards and his wife Perri are currently expecting their first child. If you recall that the former British athlete and wife announced they are expecting a baby boy.

Mike Edwards who shot into the limelight following his display at the 2019 BBNaija where he emerged as the third runner up.

Just so you know, Mike Edwards is a high-jump athlete, who represented Brtitan in the Olympics but has reportedly switched his alliance to Nigeria. Mike is the CEO of Cigar company, Aireyys, which is the first black-owned cigar line in the United Kingdom.

While he’s beautiful wife, Perri Shakes-Drayton is a British track and field athlete. Although she has retired to focus on her family. During her spell as an athlete, She won 2013 European Indoor Champion in the 400 Metres, 2012 World Indoor Championship gold medal in the 4 x 400 metres relay. She has numerous medals to her name in her trophy cabinet.

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