Khafi “met police poster girl” faces sack for having s*x on big brother naija show

Met police poster girl – Khafi kareem

Met Police Poster girl “Khafi” defied her bosses to appear in a series of steamy romps on big brother naija show despite being refused permission

Khafi Kareem, 29, has ‘defied bosses’ to appear in a series of steamy romps on big brother naija reality TV show; a franchise of big brother show despite being refused permission

 Metropolitan Police officer “Khafi” is being investigated after appearing on Nigeria’s Big Brother naija show despite being refused permission by bosses.

met poster girl khafi
Khafi pictured alongside Met Commissioner Cressida Dick to promote female and black recruitment

Khafi Kareem, once a ‘poster girl’ for the promotion of female and black staff, is a contestant on this years edition of big brother naija.

Scotland Yard said it had not granted Ms Kareem’s request to appear on the program and that an internal investigation would be carried out.

Despite being told not to appear, publicity for Big Brother Naija showed Khafi in her uniform.

Met Police poster girl
Khafi Kareem – Met Police poster girl

She became the talk of the series after numerous clips of her seemingly having sex with businessman Ekpata Gedoni went viral on social media

According to The Sun, she joined the force as a PC based at Lambeth station in 2015, having worked part-time as a special constable for four years.

An unnamed colleague told the newspaper: “She’s a serving British police officer — it’s outrageous. She asked permission to go on the show but, when her request was refused, she went anyway.

Her out-of-office email reply blatantly says that she is away from work, yet no one does anything. “Other officers working with her are furious that she can just disobey orders then swan off Africa and tarnish the reputation of the force.”

There have now been speculations online that she may leave Big Brother Naija House pregnant as she and lovebird Gedoni continued their sizzling romance.

“The cameras caught them for the third time overnight as other housemates were dead asleep. “The footage, now trending, showed the lovebirds moving their bodies in ecstasy under the sheets.”

A Met spokesman said: “A PC, attached to the Met’s transformation command, requested permission to take part in a reality television entertainment show in Nigeria. Permission was not given.

“The Met is aware the officer has since appeared on the show without authority. “The Directorate of Professional Standards has been informed and will be carrying out an investigation into the circumstances.

“The Met does not support the officer’s appearance nor does she represent the Met whilst appearing on the show.” The force added that any officer found to have breached police standards of professional behaviour could face misconduct proceedings.

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