Me And Mercy Never For Once Had S*x In The Big Brother House – Ike Reveals

Ike, who is the boyfriend to Mercy Eke, the BBNaija season 4 pepper dem winner, has opened up about their romance in the big brother house and why he didn’t take the relationship serious beyond cuddling and kissing as Gedoni and Khafi did in the house.

In an interview with Potpourri, he said it would have happened between him and her, but because Mercy didn’t push more to get him going on, so, he didn’t have to do more than what they already had going.

He Said;

“I’m not used to making the first move when it comes to getting down with a woman. You know, I’m a fine boy, and I’m used to women pushing me to do things, but Mercy isn’t that kind of person, and we were not even ready to do that kind of stuff in the Big Brother House. I would probably have had sex with her if she had made a move, but she didn’t, and I didn’t too,” he said

Throughout his stay in the House, it was all about him and Mercy, at some points, it appeared Mercy was trying to make moves to seduce him, but with Ike, he was either not catching the drift or was ignoring her, especially at the Saturday parties with Mercy always dressed provocatively.

He Said;

“Don’t mind her; she was always teasing me. It was just a trap. We had fun, but that type of fun when it gets too hot leads to something else, if you understand what I’m saying,” he reacted Going forward, Ike admitted the love affair between him and Mercy was real and still real just as Mercy herself admitted at the press conference for the presentation of her prize.

He Said;

“Yes, it was real. Love is real. We are just taking things slow for now. We are still together; we are trying to see what’s going to happen because this new lifestyle is new to me and also new to her. Because of the money she won, we have to be very careful with each other,” he said.

When asked the question of the money Mercy won, which sums up to 60N million, Ike says he doesn’t feel threatened at all.

He Said;

“Who says she’s richer than me. Well, I know she is richer than me, but I don’t think it will affect our relationship because I knew how to handle her in the House, so I think I will be able to handle her outside the house,” he added.

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