Meet Venita bbnaija 2019 pepper dem housemate

Earlier this week, big brother had promised to introduce a new twist to the game which will shake up the house and he did just that by introducing two new housemates to the Bbnaija house on day 30; week 5

Venita bbnaija

Day 30 of big brother naija season 4, two new housemates were introduced to the big brother naija house of which one of them is Elozonam and the other Venita.

Here’s everything you need to know about Venita bbnaija 2019 pepper dem housemate. You can also read about second housemate Elozonam Ogbolu

Venita Bbnaija Biography

Venita – full name is Venita Akpofure and she’s 32 years Old, She was born in 1987. Venita joined the big brother naija pepper dem housemates on Day 30

The actress and former video vixen who hails from Delta state describes herself as big and promises to bring a blend of fun, confusion, drama and heat to the Pepper Dem House.

She’s is a mother of two and former video vixen, before she got married and took time off the screen. She has since announced that her marriage is over.

Here are some answers to some frequently asked question about the new BBnaija Pepper Dem housemate, Venita.

How old is Venita bbnaija 2019 housemate?

Venita Akpofure is 32 years old

Which State is Venita bbnaija 2019 housemate from?

Venita Akpofure hails from Delta state

How many children does Venita bbnaija 2019 housemate have?

Venita Akpofure has 2 children with her ex husband.

Whats your view about Venita, the new bbnaija pepper dem housemates, do you think she’s going to turn the house upside down for Tacha, mercy and the likes. Share your views in the comment section below

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