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Meet The 8 Male Ultimate Love Housemates

8 male Ultimate love housemates

Male Ultimate Love Housemates

Ultimate Love officially premiered on February 9 comprises 16 housemates (8 male housemates & 8 female housemates).

The main goal of the housemates also known as ‘Love Guests’ is to find true love in the Love Pad (Ultimate Love House).

Ultimate Love will air 24/7 for 8 weeks and the winning couple with the highest number of votes on the last day will be crowned ‘The Ultimate Couple‘.

If the ultimate couple decides to get married, they will win a lavish all-expenses-paid wedding and a fully furnished dream house plus a cash prize of N5million and other prizes that will be revealed as the show proceeds.

Ultimate Love Housemates Profile – Male

Here is a brief profile guide of the 8 male ultimate love housemates.


‘The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’  – this seems to be the case with Arnold as he loves his food, especially egusi. Arnold’s longest relationship was with his high school sweetheart, which lasted four years.

Although he hasn’t had much luck in recent years, Arnold still believes in love and spontaneity in a relationship. Violence is a huge turn off for him, he prefers someone who is a giver. Arnold’s ability to write and sing will hopefully enable him to express himself and let it be known what his love language is.

David Wilson

The 33-year-old from Bayelsa State isn’t fussy at all when it comes to relationships. All he requires is some quality time and a personal touch.

Though he won’t say he believes in love at first sight, David Wilson is all about being open-minded and recognising that the world is changing and therefore he allows himself to get guidance from the universe.


The charismatic 24-year-old from Enugu state is clear on one thing; to find his ride-or-die. His orotund voice might be one of his best attributes but his lips top everything else.

Even though he is a words-of-affirmation type of guy, he believes his lips are a vital tool to getting a message across. He also believes for a relationship to work, there must be any gender roles. He’s all for mutual understanding.


This 35-year-old engineer from Ebonyi State is grounded on who he is and would never trade anything about him for anything else. He’s comfortable in his skin but is also a very sensitive guy.

For Jay, love is all about attraction and he believes it’s the basis for anything else that follows. He says he always fantasised about proposing in France, near the Eiffel Tower.


32-year-old serial entrepreneur Kachi is from Imo State and has a deep love for his culture and tradition. The self-proclaimed charmer firmly believes a man should always provide for his family but has a liberal side to match, he is open to a partner having her own identity. Don’t expect looks to knock him off his feet though as he doesn’t believe in love at first sight and prefers to find something deeper to win him over.

Love looks like it’s always been in his favour, his longest relationship stretched all the way back to high school and lasted till he entered the working world! Expect a breath-taking proposal from Kachi as he declares, “I need to take her by storm” when sharing how he’ll pop the question if he finds ’The One’.


Louis is a modern-day man who believes roles should be equally shared in a relationship. Having a connection is very important to him, a relationship can be judged in the beginning whether it’s for keeps or not. When Louis’s longest relationship of three years ended, he had no regrets, nor did he harbour any feelings of resentment because he thoroughly enjoyed his time in the relationship.

Going forward Louis hopes to find someone who is caring and will give-of themselves as much he does. An element of surprise is what Louis believes in when thinking about a marriage proposal, he’s clearly playing his card close to his chest


Michael will never compromise on love and believes that ultimate love is finding someone who can complement his life. He believes one has to be selfless, kind and patient in a relationship. His passion for people has burnt his fingers in the past as people took him for granted.

His longest relationship ended when his significant other left the country. Michael dusted himself off and is now ready to find someone who can be a yin to his yang. Michael’s good looks is one of his greatest attributes. Hmm… We wonder if he’s used his looks to get himself out of a sticky situation?


32-year-old Obichukwu from Imo State is more than just dashingly handsome and suave. He cares for the greater good too, as is evidenced not only by his passion for social work, but also the fact he explicitly mentions what a huge heart he has.

When quizzed about what he longs for in a lover, he sums it up poignantly: “A woman who gives me peace.” He reiterates how superficial beauty means nothing if someone isn’t caring and compassionate. He’s quite conservative and traditional too preferring to be a provider for his family in addition to being strict and uncompromising about any sexual encounters in the Love Pad.

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