Kiddwaya Spent $ 8,000 on a Private Jet from Abuja to Lagos for BBNaija Show

The internet is thrown agog at Kiddwaya’s revelation on the amount he spent on his flight from Abuja to Lagos for the BBNaija show.

While in a table discussion with three other housemates in the kitchen, Kiddwaya revealed that he spent 8,000 US Dollars, equivalent to #3,100,000, to hire a private jet that flew him from Abuja into Lagos for the Big Brother Naija Show.

The discussion kick started with Wathoni complaining about the high cost of the flight from Kenya. Kiddwaya got interested and inquired the price which Wathoni revealed it was #180,000. The conversation went

Wathoni: Flight ticket to Kenya is expensive?

Kiddywaya: How much?

Wathoni: 180k

Kiddwaya: naira? 🤔

Nengi: How much was the jet?

Kiddywaya : Jet?

Wathoni: Yes.. Jet.. The one that flew you here…

Kiddwaya: Ohhh, 8k dollars from Abuja to Lagos…

The girls all expressed shock and surprise

Nengi: If i knew you were coming with a flight. I would have joined you..

Wathoni: yeaaaaa

Kiddwaya: It’s nothing. I would have brought us all if I knew..

Kiddywaya: I have been to Madagascar. My friend’s friend dad is the president of Madagascar. So we went to chill and cruise.

According to him, he revealed that he is only agitated about the show because he invested too much money coming into the show.

He said “cause like i invested way too much into this thing, even at the first time it was supposed to be half million and then i paid for the place, had to pay for the driver and a car and then pay for the accommodation and food”

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