Housemates Clash Over Food, Praise says everyone is f***ed Once He Becomes HOH

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About an hour ago, a fight broke between housemates over food issues. The fight which began between Tolanibaj and Ka3rna was over food. Ka3rna insisted that Tolanibaj won’t be having food yet because Tolanibaj has had something to eat earlier. This got on Tolanibaj’s wrong side who spilled back. Lucy tried to come in but she seemed to be adding more noise to the fight.

Praise came in and said that “this food issue is getting too serious, what exactly is the issue” He then got agitated when Lucy used the term ‘oga’ for him. He viciously warned Lucy not to ever refer to him as Oga rather she should use his name, Praise.

Lucy kept retaliating, insisting that Praise should drop his clique and stop being a coward.

Praise in angry replies said he is not surprised because common sense is not common. He then mentioned that “God help me I become Head Of House, You all are Fucked”

On the other part of the argument, Tolanibaj relayed her part. She said Ka3rna shut her out completely saying she can’t get food because she had something to eat already. Ka3rna denied and said she was only asking her to wait a bit.

Tolanibaj shut Ka3rna up and warned her not to ever talk to her because they are not on the same level.

Ka3rna clapped back and another round of words exchange started. At a point, Tolanibaj lashed derogatory words at Ka3rna saying “don’t talk to me, you stupid ugly ass bi*ch.

Lucy at the end agreed that everyone meets at the table for a round table discussion after the food.

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