Erica Is My Crush- Laycon admits to Nengi

Laycon has just admitted to Nengi that Erica is his crush

Laycon and Nengi had a heart to heart conversation about their relationship with in the house.

The conversation started with Nengi mentioning to Laycon that she noticed he was sad.

Laycon replied that he is not okay with the way everyone is saying he is in a sad mood because of the things happening in the house. He then maintained that although it was part of it but he is not really bothered.

Nengi replied and said that she understands but she believes he was sad because of his crush because she saw what transpired between him and Erica in the afternoon

Nengi: I know but i also noticed you were sad because of your crush

Laycon: Erica?

Nengi: Yeah and i believed it

Laycon: Yes, but that’s not entirely the reason behind the mood, she said somethings in the afternoon that made me off a bit but that’s not the reason

Laycon explained to Nengi that he is being careful because he doesn’t want to put Erica in a position where she will loose focus on what she came to do in the house. Also, he doesn’t want to complicate things for her to the point where she starts feeling like he is unhappy because she is talking to the other guy or the other guy is unhappy because she is talking to him. He doesn’t want to mess things up to the point where he and the other guy starts fighting for her and her attention

“i can do all that if i want to but its not okay for her cause i don’t want her to loose focus……when we get out of the house we can do all that”

Nengi advised him to find a way to discuss things with her which Laycon said that it’s no big deal. “Me, I know i will be fine”

Laycon shifted the conversation and asked Nengi about her relationship issues in the house.

Nengi confided in him that she is being careful because she doesn’t want to do what will hurt her boyfriend.

“i don’t wanna disappoint my boyfriend and i know he is watching twenty four seven, although if i get out of the house and i see that he has moved on, i will, but i don’t want to do what will hurt him”

Laycon adviced her to also talk things out with both Ozo and Prince which Nengi promised to do just that.

Eric came in to disrupt the conversation as Nengi had earlier informed him that she needed him to help her with a massage.

While leaving, Nengi said to Laycon

“i enjoy talking to you cause you are a man of wisdom”

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