Erica Asks Kiddwayya For Permission To Allow Laycon Give Her A Lap Dance

Inase you missed it, during last night’s Truth or dare game, through a sign, Erica asked Kiddwayya for permission to allow Laycon give her a lap dance.

During the truth or dare game, Laycon’s dare was to pick a lady of his choice and give her a 30 seconds lap dance. Laycon picked Erica. Erica then through a sign, gestured towards Kiddwayya to ask if she should accept the lap dance. Kiddwaya gave a nod of approval.

This act got the twitter space into a frenzy mode as every one is able to confirm that Erica and Kiddwaya are now officially into a relationship.

During the lap dance, Erica was having the fun of her life as she was patting Laycon’s buttocks and laughing all through.

After the Lap dance, Laycon strolled to Kiddwaya and gave him a high five. Fans believe the high five is an appreciation for upholding the Bro Code.

who do you prefer Erica should go for, Laycon or Kiddwaya?. Drop your thoughts in the comment box below

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