Eloswag and Chomzy Make Up in bed after their fight over Phyna (Video)

A few hours after their fight about Phyna, Big Brother Naija season 7 housemates Eloswag and Chomzy reconciled by getting intimate in bed.

The Level 1 Housemates have their first blowout! The bone of contentions was the endless taunting that Eloswag was getting from the Level 1 girls, Bell and Chomzy about the passionate kiss he shared with Level 2 Housemate, Phyna during last week’s Saturday Night Party. 

Chomzy had earlier confronted Eloswag for making fun of him and for kissing Level 2 Housemate Phyna last week at the Saturday night party. Eloswag was discovered in Chomzy’s bed as he tried to mend their previous argument.

As he cautions her and the other Housemates to avoid making jokes and discussing what happened the week before, Eloswag came down hard on Chomzy.

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Then, as Eloswag confronted Chomzy, their colleague Bella spoke up for Chomzy, which enraged Eloswag even more. He gave Bella the go-ahead to avoid the situation.

Then, her love interest Sheggz enters, standing in for Bella after Eloswag warned her. Sheggz, who was pursuing Eloswag, also forewarned him against criticizing Bella.

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Sheggz had to phone Eloswag and Bella shortly after the fight to explain why he had to fill in for Bella. And because he sees the other female Housemates the same way he sees Bella, he asserts that he would stand in for every single one of them.

Shortly after, Eloswag went to meet Chomzy in bed to solve their problems while giving her a kiss.

Watch the Video below:

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