Chad Hurst Bio – Big Brother Australia 12 Housemate

The year 2020 was an exceptional one that halted the affairs of the world. Of Course, every human life was affected one way or the other. However, Some humans still won in the middle of the Pandemic. One such is Chad Hurst who appeared on the 12th edition of Big Brother Australia in 2020 and also left the show as the Winner.

Born on February 5th, 1993, Chad Hurst was a 28-year-old Male Model from Campbelltown, NSW. No doubts, Chad Hurst was equally a self-made Australian who has had a fantastic career as a model, Animal Welfare personnel. Cute as fine wine, Chad Hurst is also into Fitness Coaching.

Chad Hurst – Big Brother Australia 2020 Cast

Chad Hurst

He appeared alongside 19 other housemates to compete for the winning prize of Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dollars ($250,000). However, Chad Hurst didn’t go home with the total price of $250,000. Some twists of events had made the housemates bribe Kiera Davidson out of the game with a prize of $15,344. Chad went home with $234,658.

Energetic and ready to run it all, Chad played very good social games even until the time he had to choose between Mat Gerrick and Daniel Gorringe. He had always been smart from the beginning. He got an ankle injury at one of the nominations challenges. Throughout Chad Hurst’s stay, He was nominated for eviction just once and had just four votes against him. Chad won four nomination challenges on days 30, 34, 38 and 39. Unfortunately, Chad had no Power of Veto.

Winning the last physical challenge was all he needed as he was able to evict his only possible greatest contender, Mat Gerrick at the finals. The last set of tasks involved emotional challenges and bondings. The winner came for him as a shock such that he unknowingly let out the ‘F’ word.

Just as Big Brother Australia is capable of influence, especially for the winning housemates or the ones who were loved by the viewers, Chad Hurst was not left out. He was able to establish a massive Social Media presence, on his Instagram, especially. This also influenced his Animal Shelter Company, Animal Welfare League Old. At this shelter, Chad Hurst and his team see to the care of Animals, dogs particularly. They house them, feed them, take care of them and also ensure a safe adoption process.

Chad is also a model for Image Talent Model Agency. An entertainment company majored in Modelling for all. Follow Chad Hurst on his Instagram page where he blesses his fans with sights of his cute self.

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