Celebrity Big Brother USA 2022: Season 3 Schedule & Premiere Date

Celebrity Big Brother USA – Season 3

“Celebrity Big Brother USA” will return for its third season, three years after the second one was held. CBS has announced the premiere date and schedule details of the upcoming Celebrity Big Brother 3.

Celebrity Big Brother is a reality TV show that airs in various countries worldwide where celebrity contestants live together in a house for days with no contact to or from the outside world. The series is a spin-off of the American version of Big Brother and is also the American version of Celebrity Big Brother.

Celebrity Big Brother Season 3 will kick off with a one-hour premiere on Wednesday, February 2nd at 8 PM ET, and the show will continue to air multiple nights a week and will wrap up on Wednesday, Feb 23rd at 8 PM ET. That is a three-week run, which is in line with the first two seasons.

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Celebrity Big Brother Season 3 schedule

Celebrity Big Brother has a shorter run than Big Brother, Season 3 will be 15 episodes, two more than the first two seasons. Here’s the complete breakdown of the episodes, with all times ET: 

Week 1

Wednesday,February 2 by 8-9 PM (Premiere)
Thursday,February 3 by 9-10 PM
Friday,February 4 by 8-10 PM

Week 2

Sunday,February 6 by  8-9 PM
Monday,February 7 by 9-10 PM
Wednesday,February 9 by 8-9 PM
Friday,February 11 by 8-10 PM

Week 3

Sunday,February. 13 by 8-9 PM
Monday,February 14 by 9-10 PM
Wednesday,February 16 by 8-9 PM
Friday,February 18 by 8-10 PM
Saturday,February 19 by 8-9 PM

Week 4

Sunday, February 20 by 8-9 PM
Monday, February 21 by 9-11 PM
Wednesday, February 23 by 8-9 PM (Finale)

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