“Biggie’s Final Word to BBNaija Season 6 Housemates”

Big Brother Sends Heart-Warming Message to BBNaija Season 6 Housemates

The Big Brother Naija Season 6 Shine Ya Eyes Edition housemates hear Biggie’s parting words. Season 7 of Big Brother Naija is due to premiere this weekend, and Biggie has already written his parting messages to all of the housemates from the previous season – BBNaija Season 6.

Below are Biggie’s final words to the Big Brother Naija Season 6 housemates.

Letter from Biggie to his roommates;

“We appreciate your willingness to give us access to the entirety of who you are; your happiness, fears, flaws and every other thing that made you human. We salute your courage.”


Yousef, we are glad to have had your calm persona grace our screens. We will always remember how cool you were with your fellow Housemates and the sleek way in which you expressed your interest in having relationships with some of the fine ladies in the House. Finally, your famous Diary Sessions stood out as a highlight almost every week and we are glad to have had those moments on our screens.


Hey Princess, you came with a purpose and made sure you didn’t lose focus. Thank you for bringing a different dynamic to the game and putting it out there that it’s okay for a woman to be all about her business.

Emmanuel and Liquorose

Emmanuel and Liquorose, you both showed us that a spark can be ignited regardless of a previous mistake. Your friendship and romance despite the Wild Card debacle gave new meaning to the phrase “leaving the past behind”. Even though the ship did not sail as far as we wanted it to, you both gave us beautiful memories with your amazing ship.

Side Bar: Hey Liquorose we will not be forgetting those amazing dance steps anytime soon.


“Saga, you showed us that it was okay for a man to wear his heart on his sleeve. You showed us it was possible to create genuine friendships and bonds that were worth sacrificing for. Shout out to Nini as well who never held back in saying things for what they were. We wish you and Saga the best in your friendship in the real world.”


Arin, you came to the House with a unique sense of self and turned out to be a Housemate whose style had never been seen on the show. Your empathy towards your fellow Housemates and trying to understand their struggle is a lesson we will never forget.


Kayvee, you had a short time in the House but this did not stop you from shining and gaining the spotlight for yourself. Thanks for letting us understand that it’s okay to take time out to care for ourselves when it seems like we are losing touch with all that’s around us

Michael and Queen

Michael and Queen, you both came on the show while it was already well on its way but you still managed to make a statement and gave us moments that will forever remain in BBNaija history.


Hello JMK, stress and drama free are a few terms to describe your time in the House. We hope you have as much peace in life as you strived to gain in the House.

Jackie B

Jackie B, you were a true description of focus. You came and got the experience you wanted without ever forgetting the loved ones you left outside the House.


Here’s to the Housemate who at different times helped Biggie throw a curve or two into the House. Maria, you were unapologetic about who you were and made everyone get with the program. Your incredible acting skills and willingness to get down to a little mischief here and there with Biggie will always be a big part of Big Brother Naija history.


Beatrice, you prioritised your space and made your fellow Housemates understand that there was nothing wrong with putting yourself first. You also did a great job in making the early parts of the show quite spicy. We definitely will not forget the whole Wild Card saga anytime soon.


Jaypaul, you showed us a man could assert pressure on his love interest while still being a complete gentleman. Your calm nature and your choice to wear your heart on your sleeve did not go unnoticed. We hope you eventually get to find that one person who will get all the love and affection you have in your heart.


Pere the general, we salute you. Thanks for bringing great entertainment and amazing highlights to the show. You were tactical and could read certain intentions from a mile away which made you an awesome combination of smarts and wit. We respect that about you and hope to see you thrive in all your endeavours.


Saskay, you were never to be caught without your lips popping. We do not know if that’s why certain heads kept spinning in the House, but we do know that your cool yet mesmerising persona held a lot of the viewers spellbound. Also, your calm demeanour and ability to manage people’s expectations of you will always be memorable.


Yerins the Polymath, you were determined to break the stereotype in the House just as you have always done in life and took every opportunity you had to school your fellow Housemates. We salute your courage in pushing the boundaries and wish you success.


Hey Sammie, you were proud of your roots and made sure it was a part of your time in the House. We are sure your people thank you for it. Your quirky yet charming personality made you an adored Housemate. We hope your acting career takes you to greater heights.


Peace, you showed yourself a true confidant as you skillfully moved through the various relationship dynamics in the House. Right from your stint as the first Head of House for the Season, you showed a complete skill for managing people and getting the best out of them. Thanks for creating amazing highlights from your HoH stint to the bonds you created in the House.


Cross, Cross, Cross! The life of every party and resident enjoyment master. Your almost childlike attitude towards having fun all through the Season has endeared many to you. You played your part in giving life to the House with the various games you put your fellow partners up to and made sure the Saturday night parties were lit!


Niyi the gentle giant, you came across as one of the sweetest men in the House making sure you kept whatever values you held dear to your heart. You spent your time making your fellow Housemates feel exceptional and we are sure they adore you for it.


Last but definitely not least, to the Odogwu of the Shine Ya Eye geng, Whitemoney. You were a fun, hardworking and tactical Housemate who deserves every good thing coming his way. You not only gave us unforgettable memories, but you also showed us that it was possible to navigate dicey situations with a calm attitude


Tega the Tiger! Miss no-nonsense and ‘Cruise Queen’. You were a force in the House but managed to find your way without having unnecessary conflict. You held high hopes for your acting career and all life has to offer you.


Boma, the Okra, You were no doubt a sleek Housemate whose time in the House was marked with a lot of cruise and slippery situations. Let’s not forget the bouts of occasional drama and spiciness that came at intervals in the House. May your acting career which was always on your lips continue to grow and get you all the accolades you deserve.


Angel, you were a champion for people being true to themselves and indeed praticed what you preached. You were unapologetic about your personality and fiery in standing up for yourself. We hope you get to fulfill your dreams and have the best of times.

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Written by Martinez

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