Biggie Punish Housemates for Breaking House Rules

After a long week of Vacation, biggie returned to the house and it was time for the housemates to answer for all their actions.

Return of biggie was more of bad news to the housemates than they had expected as all housemates were all handed their punishment for flouting Biggie’s rules.

Erica and Ozo Issued a Strike Each

The rules are clear in Big Brother Naija House and no Housemate is exempted from obeying them. Erica and Ozo have gone against House rules and their infringements will be televised.

Erica and Ozo were found guilty of whispering on multiple occasion and were both issued a strike each

Tolanibaj, Kiddwaya and Erica Punished for flouting House Rule

This weeks Head of House Kiddwaya, Deputy Head of House Tolanibaj and Erica were also also issued a strike each for disregarding the head of house rule.

Recall that a new twist was added to the house of house rule last week when biggie noted that the head of house can host two guests in their lounge but their guest must not sleepover but unfortunately, Erica and Kiddwaya want and need superseded biggies rule.

Erica who is now at two strikes and one more will result in disqualification while Kiddwaya and Tolanibaj are at one strike each.

Kiddwaya was also barred from Next week’s Head of House game which means they cannot partake in the head of house game or be selected as Deputy Head of House.

As for Kiddwaya, he was barred from participating in the Head of House Challenge for two weeks and also cannot be nominated as Deputy head of house. So for 3 weeks, he cannot be head of house or nominated as Deputy Head of house

All Housemates Punished

As a punishment for the whole house, there will be no hot water for the next few days with biggie stating their attitude will determine how long the punishment will be allowed. They are also not permitted to use pot or kettle to boil water.

This is definitely not the return the housemates anticipated

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