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BBNaija Audience Insight – Who am I advertising to?

Big Brother Naija viewers cut across different ages from 18 years up to 64 years, with the 18-24 years bracket having the most viewers and closely followed by people in the 25 – 34 years bracket. People above 55 represented the least segment of viewers, thus echoing the fact that BBNaija is majorly a youth show.

In 2020, BBNaija reached an audience of over 300 million people across several African countries, including South Africa, Kenya, Cape Verde, Angola, Botswana, and so on. Some analysts consider it the pinnacle of television programming on the continent, and it is undoubtedly one of the most-watched shows in the world, putting it on par with America’s Super Bowl.

Just like the Olympics, the Big Brother Naija show attracts millions of viewers, who in today’s world not only watch, but tweet about their experiences, debate about events and even root for particular housemates. All of these eyeballs and conversations increase the brand value of the BBNNaija franchise, making sponsorship of the show a worthwhile venture for brands; especially those looking to reach the type of audience the show offers.

With millions of people watching the Big Brother Naija show across Africa, last season generated at least 466,000 BBNaija-related posts online and 2.7billion media impressions across both opening days.

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