Big Brother Naija 2021 Week 1 Live Eviction Show; Names of Housemate Evicted

Big Brother Naija 2021 Week 1 Live Eviction Show

It’s been one week already since Big Brother Naija Season 6 kicked off with 22 housemates and now, it’s Sunday live eviction show time where one or more housemates will be evicted weekly until a winner emerges.

A new twist introduced by Biggie this season saw the addition of two fake housemates also known as “wildcards“. The housemates were charged with the task of identifying these two wildcards in order to get them evicted during the Sunday live eviction show.

On the other hand, Big brother has revealed to the viewers the identity of the two wildcards as “Pere” and “Maria“. Should the real housemates fail to identify the wildcards, they will remain in the Big Brothers House and compete for the N90 million grand prize as real housemates.

According to Big Brother, they must get the two wildcards correctly, if they guess just one then the wildcards remain in the house and continue to play for the money. Another twist to the game is that if the wildcards remain in the game by Sunday, they will also be given an exclusive power to nominate on Monday.

BBNaija 2021 Week 1 Housemate Wildcard Vote

The Housemates were all called into the diary room to nominate two people who they think might be the wildcards. Here’s how the housemate voted:

  1. Whitemoney voted Liquorose and Pere
  2. Princess voted Beatrice and Yerins
  3. Niyi voted Jaypaul and Liquorose
  4. Arin voted Jaypaul and Liquorose
  5. Jaypaul voted Emmanuel and Beatrice
  6. Cross voted Jaypaul and Liquorose
  7. Angel voted Jaypaul and Liquorose
  8. Saga voted Jaypaul and Liquorose
  9. Tega voted Emmanuel and Saskay
  10. Emmanuel voted Jaypaul and Liquorose
  11. Liquorose voted Beatrice and Yerins
  12. Yerins voted Yousef and Princess
  13. Sammie voted Beatrice and Yerins
  14. Jackie B voted Beatrice and Yerins
  15. Saskay voted Liquorose and Yerins
  16. Nini voted Liquorose and Jaypaul
  17. Yousef voted Jaypaul and Beatrice
  18. Beatrice voted Jaypaul and Arin
  19. Boma voted Beatrice and Yerins
  20. Peace voted Jaypaul and Liquorose

Liquorose and Jaypaul were the two housemates with the highest nomination but unknown to the housemates, they were not the real wildcards. The real wildcards (Maria and Pere) are safe and will now continue the game as real housemates competing for the grand prize of N90 million.

In addition, Maria and Pere now have exclusive nomination privilege to be used on Monday. Stay tuned for more updates as the drama is just getting started.

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Written by Martinez

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