‘Bella Should Be Disqualified’– Netizens react to Rachel And Bella Fight( VIDEO)

Nigerians react to videos of the altercation between Housemate Rachel and Bella and are calling for Bella to be disqualified or given a strike as many believe she did the same thing beauty did which got her disqualified; Provocation and destroying biggie’s property.

It all started on Thursday morning when Bella complained about how the food made by Rachel was dished and that she preferred beef to the chicken she was given to which Sheggz called Rachel stupid for giving Bella chicken.

The issue quickly escalated as Rachel retorted saying Sheggz’ generation is the stupid one. This statement did not sit well with Bella who came to fight for her man. In the heat of the moment, Bella pushed the food originally dished for her in Rachel’s face and it ended up spilling on the floor to the displeasure of most housemates and viewers.

Many of the viewers have called on the BBN organisers to disqualify Bella or issue her a strike as the act of placing the plate in Rachel’s face is considered an act of provocation.

Watch the video below:

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Written by Martinez

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