BBNaija Reunion Highlights Day 8; What You Missed

Last night’s episode of the Big Brother Naija reunion appears to be an intentional act of bringing little still amidst all the storms of drama going on lately.

Present on the show yesterday with Ebuka includes Thelma, Nelson, Tuoye, Avala, Isilomo, and Kimoprah.

Basically, Last night was focused on setting the issues between Avala, Isilomo and Kimoprah. Remember Kimoprah was the first to get evicted from the house, barely spending two weeks in the house?. Ebuka took us back to reflections with the video clip of Kimoprah’s eviction.

Ebuka also asked Tuoye how he dealt with the shock of his unexpected eviction. Tuoye replied that he actually felt the eviction was fair. According to him, he said he kept on falling sick with Esther being the only person attending to him. He also mentioned that at that point, he was already tired and stressed out.

The discussion flowed back to Kimoprah’s eviction and all the ex-housemates present at the show last night all claimed they weren’t expecting the eviction.

According to Mercy which all the other Ex-housemates present seems to agree with her point, “I was shocked when Kim left. She’s pretty, a beauty queen and got fans”

Kimoprah herself mentioned that she was extremely shocked and pissed with her eviction. “I was surprised, mad, furious about my eviction. I was like someone did something wrong”

Avala was given the chance to speak and she complained that she saw Kimoprah at the audition but on getting into the house, she was surprised because the Kimoprah she saw at the audition was totally different from the kimoprah in the house.

Avala said that at some point, Kim was acting like she was better than every other girl in the house.

Isilomo also added that Kim stepped on so many girls toes in the house by backing up Jeff and that the fact that she uses a fake accent was annoying. Isilomo also she has no relationship with Kimoprah both in and outside the house and Kimoprah says she doesn’t care.

Moving on, housemates were asked to vote on the Most Boring Housemates. The result pointed to Nelson, Diane, Isilomo, Avala.

Nelson was shocked that Tuoye voted him as the most boring because he has known Tuoye before they got into the house. He also said when they got into the house, he had Tuoye’s back always. Ebuka kept asking Nelson if he believes he was entertaining with just being good to Tuoye. Nelson however insisted that he was not boring.

Housemates were asked to name those they would have preferred to swap for evictions. They said they will swap Avala for Khafi, Kim for Avala and so on.

Ebuka took both the viewers and present ex-housemates to the issue of when Jeff sly Avala when he gave the coins he promised her to Omashola whose coins was stolen. Ebuka asked Jeff his reason and regrets behind the decision.

Jeff said he didn’t regret not giving her coins but he was sad that she left. This triggered Avala who said that why will he feel bad for the consequences of his action but does not regret the action. She pointed to him that Jeff thought he was smart and that was what led to Jeff’s eviction.

Ebuka moved to Thelma and asked her why she felt she shouldn’t have been evicted earlier.

Thelma said she felt bad because the reason for her eviction was because unlike majority of the housemates, she did not have a fan base prior to the house. She used Tacha as an example of someone who had a strong fan base prior to the house.

Thelma further noted that she believed she was evicted because of the fish incidence she had with Tacha. in her remark, she said “Tacha’s fans behaves like her”

Further probing by Ebuka made her reveal the meaning behind that statement. According to her, she said that she understand that fan base are usually bias when it comes to their fav. They neither scold nor disagree with their fav whenever their fav do wrong.

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