BBNaija Reunion Day 9; What You Missed

SO, here we are again after the usual few days break from the ongoing bbnaija 2019 Reunion show. The dramas we had seen from previous episodes in the past two weeks, are all nothing compared to what we saw last night.

Last night’s episode was a house full of female ex-housemates only. Since it is not all the female ex-housemates that could make it to the show physically, according to Ebuka, the other female ex-housemates are to join via zoom. But, with the way the show became hot, calling others via zoom was not a needed point of action anymore.

Ebuka commenced the show with the sister bonds, sisterhood dramas that took place while in the house. He talked about being misunderstood and said he feels Ella was the most misunderstood female in the house in 2019.

Ella agreed and said “a lot of times, but maybe i don’t have the strength to always try and explain myself…..” she also confirmed that she did feel connected to some other females in the house like Mercy and Diane. She couldn’t say if there would have been connection with others since she spent just two weeks in the house.

Ebuka asked Avala if she had a problem with Ella. Avala mentioned that she felt Ella was always singing too much in the house. Although, she had no problem with the singing but she felt Ella is very emotional and doesn’t listen to corrections or suggestions.

Further questions from Ebuka pushed Avala to confess that Ella had blocked her on social media immediately they got out of the house. The reason for the blocking was because she posted a tweet that might have a little bit of advice directed to Ella publicly. she said “I felt like she is always complaining about her hustle, instead of doing it and i didn’t respect that, to be honest”. Well, Ella unblocked Avala later on.

Ebuka asked them if they all had each other’s back while in the house and he got a complete ‘No’ from them all.

Venita talked and said the only person that had her back when she got into the house was Jackye. She also said that at a time, she felt Enkay had her back but she couldn’t rely much on Enkay as she was always playing her at times.

Ebuka asked Venita if she had the back of any female housemates and she said Yes, she had the back of every female contestant that ever got into the Big Brother House.

A clip of the fish incidence between Thelma and Tacha was played. Ebuka asked Thelma if her confrontation with Tacha was a genuine one or just a show off.

Thelma responded that it wasn’t a show off because she felt bad she didn’t get the fish after politely asking. She insisted that her confrontation was real and cool but Tacha blew it all up.

Ebuka asked Tacha if she thinks she truly exaggerated what happened between her and Thelma.

Tacha in her defense said her replies and actions were as a result of Thelma’s approach. Aside that, Tacha mentioned that Thelma came the next day and they both apologized in the house and were cool.

Ebuka asked Jackye those who had her back while in the house and she mentioned Enkay and Venita. She said “If there was anyone i did not vibe with in that house, then the person does not exist”

Ebuka also asked Jackye why she wasn’t close to Tacha in the house. Jackye replied that she has a kind of anger issues and she wouldn’t want herself expressing it.

Ebuka asked Tacha if it was the same feeling at her end regarding Jackye. Tacha said it is whatever Jackye says it is.

A clip of an eviction sunday where Ebuka was asking Jackye about the witchcraft speculation she started with Gedoni and Khafi because of Tacha’s anklet.

Jackye explained that Tacha wasn’t calm enough to give her time to explain herself well. She said she is pained because she wasn’t the only one who had the conversation of Tacha being fetish but all the blames are on her alone.

Ebuka asked Tacha about regrets her action of not giving Jackye a chance to explain herself. Tacha said she was hurt as a result of what she said so, there are no regrets whatsoever.

Another clip of housemates naming people they felt they should never have been friends with while in the house. Cindy said nobody. Kimoprah said she regretted being friends with Ella and Isilomo in the house.

Kimoprah revealed that it was Ella that started the issue of Tacha’s body odour while in the house.

Ella admitted she said it and said “Yes, I said it!…..but it was a conversation i had with Kimoprah, but wait, how can Kimoprah come on with conversations like that here”.

Ella was apologizing and Tacha asked for permission to say something and Tacha said “Ella, Shame on you”. Ella admitted her faults and Tacha asked that everyone should move on from the issue.

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