BBNaija Reunion Day 19; Feelings Unreciprocated

BBNaija Reunion Day 19 Highlight

Ebuka began by playing some love moments video clips of Esther and Frodd. He asked Esther, at what point did she started having feelings for Frodd.

Esther replied that it was the day he was wearing a kind of shades to reduce light rays in the house. She was in the kitchen, Frodd walked up to her and by looking up at Frodd, she had a flinch that Frodd is a cute guy. Contrary to everyone’s belief, Esther said she liked him “i liked him, i realized i liked him after the house, but i knew i liked him, he grew on me”

He asked Frodd the same thing and Frodd revealed that he and Esther had connected and made promises to look after each other in the house. This happened in their first two weeks in the house when they were given a challenge of picking a partner to act a diary room session between Biggie and housemate. During that challenge, they both connected, talked in confidence about matters and also promised to look after one another in the house.

Ebuka asked Esther about their relationship status currently. Esther explained that they are not dating because Frodd did not ask her out, officially. She said, “Like if you want to date me, properly ask me to be your girlfriend” Frodd interjected and shouted “36th floor of the Hilton in Dubai was where i asked her out”.

Frodd revealed that they were having a kind of meeting with some people and Esther was dressed and appeared ordinarily. This got to his heart, made him fall in love with her more and he had to ask her out. Throughout the arguments, Esther insisted that Frodd never asked her out.

Ebuka asked Jackye about her thoughts regarding Esther and Frodd’s relationship. Jackye replied that from the little she knew about the duo, Frodd is interested in Esther but Esther wasn’t feeling the same way for him. Jackye further advised Frodd to move on.

Ebuka asked Esther what sincerely went wrong in the house. Esther explained that while in the house, there were some points when she started hearing most of the things she said to Frodd in confidence from other housemates.

Ebuka asked Frodd what went wrong with their relationship after the house. Frodd listed, “after that, there are forces, there are dynamics after, that affected a lot of stuff o, fan base, friends, families, branding”. Esther argued Frodd’s list and said that, she did not see any reason to stress on those differences and issues because, they were something she felt could be overlooked, without thinking twice. Frodd argued that he was the only one trying to make the relationship work, Esther never loved him from the beginning. He said to her, “this is not for content or anything, i don’t wanna look bad here, i don’t want to be like, Frodd is the one who did not push, Fam, I pushed, See, let me explain something to you, you didn’t fall out of love…..i gave a lot of energy to me and you now”. He also said that whenever they for for event, Esther pulls up in posh cars. A lot of probings from Ebuka asking Frodd to explain what he meant proved abortive.

Whilst Frodd was refusing to explain what he meant, Esther was seen venting in anger, asking and daring Frodd to explain what he meant. Frodd later explained and said that he feels Esther has high friends in high places who are wealthy enough to afford her expensive things. As a man, “i am a guy who has insecurities as well”. Although they had a conversation about it already but Esther always makes it feels like it was nothing. He got tired of pushing things after the Rwanda trip and he had to let go.

Ebuka asked Frodd what led to the final break up. Frodd said that, when they went for shopping in Dubai, Esther left and stood him up for two hours. Esther interjected and argued that it was a lie, Frodd had taken her round the mall for so long and she was tired already. She screamed at Frodd, “Mutual? You were looking for somebody, i had no business with that person but i told myself i wasn’t going to complain, I was tired!” They both kept throwing accusations from the events. Esther revealed that, Frodd doesn’t take responsibilities for his wrongs, he ends up making her guilty.

Frodd and Esther revealed that currently, they do not see each other as even friends.

A video clip of a love like moment between Omashola and Kimoprah was played. Ebuka asked Omashola the relationships’ current status. Omashola explained that he likes Kimoprah a lot but he doesn’t want to come off disturbing because Kimoprah is strong willed, focused and has a lot ongoing for herself.

Ebuka asked Kimoprah and she said that she wouldn’t want to talk about it because there are some things she repeatedly warned Omashola about but he never changed. For her, all that killed everything she potentially saw between them.

Further probe from Ebuka had Kimoprah revealing that it was Omashola’s self-centered ways she warned him about. She explained that situations have arose where Omashola always puts himself first before her.

Omashola denied this and explained that he has no idea of what or when or where Kimoprah was talking about. He doesn’t see himself as a self-centered person. He explained that on several occasions, he had tried having conversations with Kimoprah but she would always say, don’t talk to me, I don’t want to see you.

Kimoprah asked Omashola that he knew where she was if he wanted to truly have a converation with her. Omashola said he can’t do that because she never responds to simple conversations, to start with.

Ebuka asked if Omashola still wants Kimoprah. Omashola said “i know what i want, i want Kimoprah and she knows that….I fit kneel down here tell am say make she no vex o. Ebuka replied “oya start now”

While Omashola was stood up to do that, Kimoprah kept telling him to back off. Ebuka advised them all as regards some common mistakes that ruins relationships.

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