BBNaija Reunion Day 18; Silent Heartbreaks

Another edition of the show held last night took us through some emotional session.

The show continued on Elozonam and Diane’s ship that didn’t sail. This was after we saw Kimoprah, Jackye and Frodd going to bring her back in on the show.

Ebuka tried to understand the situation and asked Diane why she got suddenly upset, when the name came up several times in the house. This was followed by confirmation statements and murmurs from other ex-housemates present.

Diane revealed that after the house, she revealed all that was happening between herself and the Mawuli in discussion. She also revealed that sometimes ago, Elozonam opened a whatsApp group where he included herself and two other girls. She said that Elozonamm and the other two girls kept saying bad things about her on the group.

A lot of noisy disagreements kept flying amidst the two, it was intense with the duo accusing one another of always talking to third parties.

After a little calm from the arguments, Diane explained that it all started at a party where a friend of hers came around, things happened and she ended up leaving the party with the friend and not Elozonam.

Elozonam debunked her story and explained his. He revealed that it all started at the BBNaija Finals. While the final show was going on, Diane came up to him and revealed to him that, for the sake of being open, she wants him to know that Mawuli has finally reached out to her.

On their way to the after party, he and Diane used the same car and throughout the ride, Diane was on phone with Mawuli making romantic comments and laughs. Diane also begged the guy till he accepted to come to the after party. According to him Diane told the guy “So are you not coming to the party, come now”.

He said he had to ask Diane who she was talking to “all the other people left, i parked the car, i told her to wait in the car and said Diane, come on, who were you talking to and please don’t lie to me and Diane was silent, Diane said i don’t wanna lie to you. that’s why i am silent.” On getting to the party, Diane was present at the party but all her focus was on texts and phone calls till Mawuli came into the party.

Elozonam revealed that he had known Mawuli even before Biggie’s house. When Mawuli arrived at the party, Mawuli came straight to the table he shared with Diane, picked his drink and also left with Diane. He said “I was upset, but i was upset doesn’t mean i will loose my home training, I waited for Diane, Diane was on the phone, she gets off the phone, this guy comes, they hugged and they leave together”

Replying to Ebuka’s question, Diane confirmed that she and Elozonam would have worked out together if there were no other distractions.

Elozonam in fairness to himself said that it wasn’t his over reactions that made his relationship interest in Diane fail, but the things Diane kept doing to him and that he had long ruled out pursuing further interest in Diane.

Ebuka asked Ike if he thinks there was any male housemate Jackye had affection for while in the house. Ike replied no and said that the likes of Kimoprah, Jackye and Diane had no feelings to share in the house. He also said that Jackye was too preoccupied talking about her boyfriend.

Ebuka asked Ike if Jackye likes Mike. Ike said no that the relationship between Jackye and Mike was a plain ‘friends as siblings’ relationship.

While Ike was answering these questions relating to the relationship between Mike and Jackye, there were murmuring noises of ‘Yes’ from the housemates present.

Jackye revealed that the guy she talks so much about while in the house is now her ex. She said the reason she was too focus on discussing this ex of hers back in the house was because, the guy had done a lot for her and he is a huge part of her success story.

Ebuka played a clip of when Jackye was having a conversation about the guy’s womanizing ways with Mike, Seyi and Gedoni.

Jackye argued that she wasn’t defending her ex but she was only being vocal about it. She said she was using it as a means to let other women know that relationships aren’t always rosy.

Jacky said her break up with the guy had nothing to do with her going into Big Brother’s house. She said, some issues came up and she’d rather not discuss.

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