BBNaija Reunion Day 16; What You Missed

Last night’s episode had us settling issues of Friendzones while in the house

Ebuka began by defining what Friend zone means, which is that of the Big brother’s.

All the video clips of Diane being intimate with some male housemates.

Kimoprah said that she felt Diane actually liked Sir Dee.

Frodd said he feels Sir Dee only saw Diane as a sister. He also said he saw something between Diane and Tuoyo. With Nelson, He only see friendship between Diane and Nelson.

Ebuka asked Tuoyo if he had insecurities seeing Diane with Nelson and Sir Dee. Tuoyo said that he only felt bad when he saw Diane cuddling Nelson. Diane however denied ever cuddling Nelson.

Omashola said he feels Diane was the most affected from the eviction results because she kept losing all her friends and even Tuoyo that she liked.

Ebuka asked Nelson what led to the cuddling. Nelson explained that he truly saw that Diane like him but he was being protective of himself because, he just came out of an heartbreak days before Big Brother House.

Ebuka asked him about his feelings towards Diane. Nelson said he really liked Diane and that he and Esther were just friends.

Diane insisted that she wasn’t leading all the guys on, as all the relationships were defined. For Sir Dee, they were just friends because they both had history in Kaduna. For Nelson, she couldn’t pursue further because of Esther and as for Tuoyo, he had a girlfriend and he got evicted early.

Esther said it was from the perspective of a viewer, Yes. But. because she was inside, she could understand that all Diane said were truly constraints.

Elozonam said that he feels Diane was a confused person. But, he couldn’t confirm if she was leading all the guys on since he wasn’t in the house since inception.

Tuoyo revealed that he couldn’t pursue a relationship with Diane because Diane wasn’t his spec. He revealed that he likes thick girls.

Ebuka said that Nelson’s eviction was the most emotional eviction because it left Esther devastated. A video clip of one of Esther and Nelson’s lovey dovey moment was played.

Esther clearly revealed that the tears was a total waste because she heard all Nelson said about her just being friends with him, claiming that she was the one who was hitting on him. She also said she couldn’t specify if Diane was truly an intruder.

Esther said that she felt something good for Nelson back then and that Nelson asked her out on two occasions.

Ebuka put it to Frodd about his obvious affection for Esther and he asked Frodd about his conversation with Nelson. Frodd said that due to the nature of Esther, she happens to be someone who doesn’t give special treatment to the people she loves. This pushed him to ask Nelson about his relationship with Esther. In the conversation, contrary to what he was seeing, Nelson revealed to him that he had nothing special for Esther other than friendship.

Esther reiterated Frodd not to say such about her character because he doesn’t know much about her.

Ebuka asked Nelson if he truly asked Esther out. Nelson said that he started denying a relationship with Esther because after his eviction, he saw some clips which made him believed Esther was only playing games. He made an example of Esther sharing with Frodd the same bed he and Esther was sharing while in the house. He also revealed that it was the pain from the incidences that made him not to reach out to her till date.

Esther said she is over it and Nelson also revealed he is moving on.

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