BBNaija Reunion Day 15; What You Missed

Ebuka mentioned that the day’s topic is ‘Na Dem Dey Rush Us”. He asked the housemates if they were shocked at the fame they got after the house.

Ike explained that he went to Big Brother house for the money, he saw the fame coming, so, he was not caught by surprise. He also revealed that his only regret was that he did not win the money. He at first was bitter that Mercy who he was he dating won the money. At the end, Mercy and Diane stood by him and always encouraged him and that helped him to get out out all the regrets and bitterness.

Tacha explained that she wasn’t surprised but what got to her most was the amount of love she got considering the fact that she was disqualified.

Kimoprah also said that she was surprised at how global it went. She explained that few days after she got evicted, she traveled to the United States for a job and people were identifying straight from the airport to the USA.

Ebuka asked about getting cash gifts. While all the other housemates said they didn’t get free cash. Enkay said she got a lot of unexpected free cash from unknown people. Seyi said that he got disappointed after he got out of the house, and people started giving him the expressions that he should readily have money, because he is Awolowo’s grandson. Seyi jokingly used the opportunity to call out his phone number to fans who might be touched to send him money.

Venita also explained that she has similar problem. She said that people forgets that she is a single mother of two and believed that she is rich because she is an actor even before Big Brother House.

Jackye explained that the only pressure she got was the need to constantly update and stay relevant on social media.

Tacha also revealed that she didn’t get pressures to do giveaway because she already had a fan base even before the house, hence she is familiar with those things. She further revealed that all the money celebrities promised to give her were all scams and that it was all for Clout chasing on their selfish part. She confirmed that the only money she got was from the gofund me account her fans set up for her.

Mercy as the winner of the season explained that the only pressure she got was from those who felt she did not deserve to win.

Seyi said he also got harassed countless times because he was Awolowo’s grandson and he couldn’t win the show.

Ike said he only had pressure from family and that he was living a better life in the USA than now in Nigeria

Omashola joined the show after a short break. Ebuka took us back to Omashola in the house who always brag about having lots of girls at his house in South Africa, his mansion and all. Omashola explained that he regretted doing that because after he got out of the house, people always see him as a rich man.

Ebuka asked Kimoprah if she was felt bad at first seeing other housemates making headway after the house. Kimoprah explained that she is the kind of person that wants everyone to win so she was rather happy for them and also motivated to do best at herself.

Ebuka asked Tacha what has changed since she came back from the house. Tacha explained that the pressure increased. She confessed that while she was in the house, there were people who were secretly sending money into her account. Fans who were supporting and using money to campaign for votes for her were expecting her to thank them immediately. She explained that after being disqualified from the house, she experienced a great deal of mental breakdown.

Venita revealed that she was used to limelight so the pressure was not much of a big deal for her.

Ebuka asked all the housemates if they would choose the life of fame they have now over the unpopular lives they were living before.

Ike and Jackye voted No. All other housemates said YES!

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