BBNaija Reunion Day 12; What You Missed

The last episode of this week’s BBnaija Reunion show had us through a splendid and tensed time. The highlight was between Seyi and Tacha.

It started with Ebuka playing a clip of when Elozonam became the HOH and they had the task of safe keeping a box. Cindy was the one in charge of safe keeping that day but the box got missing after they received 2face. Tacha had confrontations with Elozonam over the issue which Diane later took over the fight with Tacha.

Cindy maintained that she was shouting in the background but no one was hearing her. Elozonam said the issue got him pissed and Tacha’s shouts about the missing box fueled his anger and all that led to his vents at Tacha.

Tacha said she was just scared of big brother’s punishment and that was why she shouting that day.

Diane on her part said that she was pissed because ordinarily, she is a reserved person who hates being yelled at. Aside that, she also got furious that Tacha was making the missing box all about herself alone.

Tacha however maintained that Diane punched her in the face. Diane denied it and said she was only pointing at her face. Diane then said that she will apologize to Tacha only if a clip of her punching Tacha in the face is played.

Tacha explained that during the Multichoice event, she was greeting and hugging everyone which everyone was responding except Seyi in which Diane and Seyi later ignored her.

Diane revealed they are both cool now, relationship wise.

A clip of when Seyi and Tacha had a serious confrontation where Seyi called Tacha a prostitute was played.

Seyi explained that back at then at Big Brother’s house, he felt like Tacha was not always reciprocating his friendship. That it was a one sided relationship.

Tacha explained that truly, there had been issues but Seyi broke the last straw when he called her a prostitute and also threatened to earn her a third strike.

Seyi said they aren’t friends and they can never be friends because he had long gone erased everything about Tacha. Tacha maintained that they aren’t friends but they are cool.

Avala joined in on the show physically while Isilomo joined via zoom. Ebuka asked Avala what is causing the raucous between herself and Isilomo. Avala explained that she had a friend whom she introduced to Isilomo. At a time, she had issues with this male friend of hers and instead of Isilomo supporting her, Isilomo supported the male friend.

Isilomo said that the issue is one that has nothing to do with the show. Aside that, Avala was very wrong in the issue and that she is pissed that Avala is bringing up such issue on an International show.

Avala kept insisting that Isilomo is a betrayer. Isilomo maintained that being friends with Avala is actually frustrating.

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