BBNaija Reunion Day 10; What You Missed

Last night’s episode was a continuation of Ebuka’s lone time with just the female ex-housemates.

Ebuka asked Esther about her relationship with Diane and Mercy. Esther explained that Diane was her friend until Diane brought in Mercy and they all became friends. She further revealed that she isn’t friends with Diane and Mercy because after she got evicted, she came across clips of Mercy and Diane gossiping about her.

Mercy spoke and said she stop trusting Esther because Esther is the kind of person who leaves her friends when she gets into a relationship with a guy in the house. When things go south, she comes back to her friends.

Esther admitted Mercy’s analysis of her but added that she believes she is one to keep a closed circle of friends.

Diane in her own story said that, she is one to raise other girls up. She continued that Nelson had actually showed and declared his interest in her and was pained that Esther could go ahead to date Nelson after being aware that she is interested in Nelson.

Esther disagreed and said that she had initially asked Nelson which Nelson revealed to her that it was Diane who showed interest in him and not the other way round.

Ebuka asked Diane why she resorted to gossiping about Esther with Mercy, instead of confronting Esther. Diane explained that “If Esther told me she liked Nelson, i wouldn’t date Nelson, I am that person, i will never”

Diane further said that trusting Esther with a discussion like that was not logical, because it took her no time to jump onto Frodd after Nelson left. Diane confessed that to her, Esther was using Frodd.

Nearly all the female in the house last night supported the fact that Esther was using Frodd by accepting to date Frodd after Nelson left.

Jackye also confessed that one day, she called Frodd aside to snitch to him that Esther was using him and that she later got pissed when Frodd won’t let go of Esther, still.

Venita as usual sat on the fence and said that she doesn’t know because Esther was someone who has a not easy to read mind. She said “I don’t really know how Esther felt about Frodd cause Esther is a very guarded, incredibly guarded person”

Everyone talked about references to the Darling Expression challenge day when Esther kissed Frodd. Against everyone’s arguments, Esther kept insisting it was Frodd who kissed her. She cuts in Venita speaking and said “Just to be clear, for the records, the kiss was from him, not me….it was like a group agreement”

Mercy confessed that she believed Esther was playing a game which includes using Nelson and Frodd.

In every questions and arguments, Esther kept maintaining that she never betrayed Diane.

Ebuka asked Esther what made her go back to Esther after she left. Esther declared not until Nelson left, she didn’t get to realize Frodd’s affection for her.

Ebuka played a game of question board with the girls. In then first question, he asked the girls to write down who they trusted the least in the house.

Cindy confessed that she trusts Esther the least because of Esther’s facial expression.

Jackye revealed that aside Venita and Enkay, she trusted no one else.

Ebuka asked another question that who was the toughest to get along with.

Diane said initially, it was Venita because she was clueless about who Esther truly was.

Cindy said Esther and Tacha. She further revealed that Tacha was self sufficient and had a built around herself, a wall that was hard to penetrate. In her words “I don’t know, she just has this huge wall that she built around her, so, it is really tough to get along with her”

Venita said it was Tacha for her and this is because, she believed she didn’t really put much effort at getting along with Tacha.

Tacha said Ella because Ella was someone who was very confusing and hard to understand.

Enkay said it was Esther because Esther was always frowning her face.

Ebuka asked them to write down the name of the house mate they believed likes food most.

Everyone of them voted Cindy and Esther

Lastly, Ebuka asked who gossips most in the house. Tacha said that every housemates gossiped except her, This is because whatever she says about anyone behind, she must have said it to the person.

Venita disagreed with Tacha and explained that when she got out of the house, she saw a video clip where Tacha was saying she is too temperamental.

Tacha refuted and said that if Venita was still in the house as at that time, she would have said it to Venita’s face.

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