10 Dj’s we look forward to seeing at BBNaija Saturday Party

Big Brother Naija Season 7 is set to premiere on the 23rd and 24th of July and we are all very excited to see how this season will go down. One thing Big Brother Naija fans will definitely be looking forward to is the epic BBNaija Saturday party.

Over the years, BBNaija Saturday party has not only shown us the dancing and partying skills of the housemates but has also allowed viewers to also party with the housemates.

In no particular order, here are the top ten DJs we would love to see on the wheels of steel at BBNaija Saturday night parties.

#1 Dj Xclusive

The British-born DJ who started his career in the year 2003, is widely recognized for his ability to deliver great music to any type of crowd – both in the UK and here in Naija. The new housemates would definitely be excited to have him party with them

#2 Dj Big N

BBNaija saturday party - Dj Big N

Marvin Global in-house DJ Big N will definitely deliver a top-notch Saturday night party performance. Sticking to his catalog of old Afrobeats songs that brings fresh nostalgia sandwiched with current radio hits, DJ Big N is set to turn the big brother house upside down.

#3 Dj Kentalky

BBNaija life of the party - Dj Kentalky

DJ Kentalky also known as ‘Life of the Party is one of those DJs we’ll be looking forward to on BBNaija Saturday Night Party. When someone says he is the life of the party you know what that means.

As one of the DJs who has taken the industry by storm, DJ Kentalky is known for his versatile style best described as Acrobat, House Music, Hip Hop, R’N’B, Trap Music and EdM.

His rhythmic afro-pop and tribal house sets are legendary as they have been heard across all the Nigerian dancefloors and on the airwaves with his hits promise to be an electrifying and energetic Saturday Night Party

#4 Dj Sose

BBNaija party - Dj sose

Rated one of the top 10 African DJs by Channel O and having been nominated a whopping 3 times in the Nigerian Entertainment Awards. DJ grand performance at BBNaija 2018 grand-finale speaks for him.

#5 Dj Neptune

DJ Neptune – real name Patrick Imohiosen should be queued up to unleash greatness at the Saturday Night Party. A powerful brand to reckon with in the entertainment industry, DJ Neptune spins different genres of music- Afro-beats, Dancehall, Funky House Music and Hip Hop.

Seriously, the only thing he needs to do is play ‘DJ Neptuuuune!’
and everyone will be on their feet, dancing. That’s what we need for a fun Big Brother Naija Saturday night party – good vibes and crazy dancing.

His ability to thrill the audience is something BBnaija fans are looking forward to. So, if your dancing shoes are dusty, we suggest you clean them up and get ready for the dance waves about to hit you from DJ Neptune.

#6 Dj Lambo

BBNaija saturday party - Dj Lambo

Who else to spice up the housemates than one of Nigeria’s finest DJs – DJ Lamborghini whose real name is Olawunmi Okerayi, the President of the Choc Boi Nation record label.

Growing up to the influence of Kanye West, Drake and Big Sean, DJ Lambo whose music style can be described as the mix of house music, Afropop, techno and hip-hop has proven her unquestionable hard work – as one of the few female DJs domineering the music industry.

Having bagged two awards in 2016 and 2017 as the female DJ of the year, and named as one of the five best Nigerian DJ’s by ‘Entertainment Today’, DJ Lambo has shown Africa why she refers to herself as Nigeria’s foremost female DJ.

#7 Dj Kaywise

DJ Kaywise is the kind of disc jockey who can fit into any kind of crowd; if you want a disc jockey for your classy party, he sure knows how to spice things up and if he gets to play for the regular youth in the streets, he is another level of vibes. 

A prominent DJ well known for his street bounce, DJ Kaywise has got a kind of vibe that keeps the audience asking for more anytime he shakes the dancefloor with hot Naija songs across board.

#8 Dj OBI

Dj OBI holds the world record for the longest DJ set, and here’s the thing – that 230 hour set was so fire! Now imagine putting all that fun energy into two hours of a BBNaija Saturday party. You can have no doubts at all that it would be super lit! Infact, it would be glorious.

#9 Dj Spinall

Spinall is an all-round awesome DJ. From his personal hits to his fire mixes of old Nigerian songs vs new school music, he always brings the heat! A Saturday night party with DJ Spinall will not only get the housemates moving, but even the viewers at home will definitely join the party.

#10 DJ Consequence

DJ Consequence BBNaija

Africa’s King of Vibes – DJ Consequence is one of those Dj’s we’ll be expecting to make a return this year, his delivery, dexterity, and ear for dance-ready songs are lovely

The uber-talented disc jockey who’s one of Africa’s most sought-after is definitely one to watch out for during BBNaija Saturday parties.

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Written by Martinez

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